Mochi the cat looks like a cow and can transform into anything in his pictures

Mochi is a cat who looks like a cow, as well as many other things. On her Instagram page, his owner likes to have fun taking pictures of him and identifying what other things and animals he reminds her of that day.

Meet Mochi

Mochi is a black and white male cat who lives in Thailand. He first showed up on Instagram early in 2021. He was just a kitten, but he was already very photogenic and would clearly be a hit on social media.

Mochi has such a sweet personality. He loves to beg for attention, and sometime he begs so enthusiastically that he falls off the bed. He also loves to play on his owner’s iPad. He has a cat sibling who is not very amused by him, but they get along well enough.

Mochi is a very affectionate and good-mannered cat. He even knows a few tricks, like how to shake hands and give high fives.

Mochi the cow (and other animals)

Mochi’s owner often refers to him as a cow, since his white fur is covered in black spots. The sweetest surprise is when he rolls onto his back and reveals a spot on his tummy that’s shaped like a heart. So cute!

His first and most favorite hat that his owner gave him as a kitten is a ruffled hat with cow spots that matches him perfectly. About a year later, it’s a tight fit, but he still likes to wear it.

But a cow isn’t the only animal his owner has thought he looks like. In one post, she asks her followers if he looks more like a polar bear or an owl. He certainly looks a little like both, with his super white fur making him look like a polar bear, and his folded-back ears and wide eyes making him look like an owl.

There is another picture of Mochi where his owner describes him as having dog ears, seal eyes, and cow markings. Mochi can’t just be one animal, can he? Although it’s safe to say that no matter what, he always looks like a cat.

Other Mochi transformations

Mochi also has some pictures where he looks like non-animal things. When he sits in a way that makes him look particularly round, he looks just like a soccer ball. When he hides under beds and sheets, he looks like a ghost that’s haunting the house.

His owner also loves to dress him up, transforming him into so many different things. He can turn into a flower with a pink ruffle around his head, or a prince with a fancy outfit. He also has a pizza hat and a chicken drumstick hat.

Mochi and his owner always seem to find new and fun ways to capture his personality through his pictures. We wonder what Mochi will become next.

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