A trapped kitten gets rescued by a firefighter after good Samaritan posts its plight on Facebook.

In a Facebook post by Iowa STARs for Animals, the organization shared the story of how one good samaritan named Stephanie had sent a message and posted the plight of a trapped kitten in a storm drain in Ankeny, Iowa, online. A firefighter by the name of Tyson Hood saw her Facebook post and responded by offering to assist in rescuing the kitten.

Trapped kitten

Trapped for a few days, nobody could reach the ailing cat. Stephanie had been tossing food to the kitten through the grates so it could survive on some sustenance.

Tyson Hood, a lieutenant at the local fire department, had a big heart for animals and responded to the initial Facebook post. He received a response from Stephanie soon after.

Storm drain rescue

The following day, Stephanie and Tyson met on Walnut Street to rescue the trapped feline. They got to work.

The task took a bit of strategy and effort as the black kitten was scared and nervous. Tyson removed the storm drain grates.

And the duo also used tuna to coax the kitten out of hiding. It took a lot of patience and strategy, but the team was successful.

Their plan worked.

Hood recalled the kitten was a bit anxious at first; however, he relaxed once he realized he was finally free and safe. The feline instantly formed a connection with his rescuer.

The cat was named Walnut after the street where he got rescued. Walnut immediately started purring and rubbing his face on Hood.

The little furball smelled horrible, but his attitude of gratitude immediately warmed his heart. Eager to home the kitten, good samaritan Stephanie offered to take Walnut and keep him.

Tyson was happy to know Walnut would go to a good home.However, he told Stephanie that if circumstances changed, feel free to reach out.

black kitten with yellow eyes
Walnut is happy in his forever home. Pic Credit:@iowastarsforanimals/Facebook

As fate would have it, a few days later, Tyson received communication from Stephanie and learned the kitten was not a good fit for her family. Tyson was happy to take Walnut home to be a part of his family.

Walnut is a purr box and loves to hang out on dad’s shoulder. Walnut now has the gift of a loving home with a doting mom and dad.

Wrap up

When scrolling the internet on a random day, this firefighter never expected that a chance response to a Facebook post would result in a new addition to his family. Sharing in the rescue of a trapped kitten in a sewer storm drain turned out to be a not-so-stinky situation.

Their crossing of paths was destiny. Now Walnut and Tyson are set on a journey to making lasting memories together as a family.

black kitten sits on mans shoulder
Firefighter Tyson Hood bonds with his rescue kitten Walnut. Pic Credit:@iowastarsforanimals/Facebook

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