This clever cat-loving YouTuber makes her pets toys using their own fur

A Youtuber with the handle Sonyakisa8 TT is a social media darling for the funny, crafty, and clever postings of her adorable cats, Kisa and Sonya. The creative cat mom recently posted a few YouTube shorts showing how she creates toys for her cats.

In a series of YouTube shorts, the cat mom creates a bear, a kitten, and a seal play toy made of her feline’s fur for it to use.

With recession prices at an all-time high, this may be the perfect inspiration for many crafty cat moms looking to gift their cats a personalized gift this holiday season.

The purrfect pet toys

The cat-loving mom uses various tactics to collect the hair needed to make the toys. She uses a variety of items, including grooming gloves, wire brushes, and lint rollers, to capture the cat’s hair.

Additionally, the cat mom doesn’t miss a beat and uses a vacuum to get any remaining fur without letting one strand go to waste. There are no limits to this woman’s creativity as she has also gone beyond making only toys for her cats.

Fans cannot get enough. Check out the clips below to see how she works in action.

This cat-loving mom has a large following on YouTube, with over 2.2 million subscribers.

Fans react

Fans of the cats Sonya and Kisa adore these beautiful, spoiled felines and their purrs. Several viewers chimed in with their thoughts online.

One commenter wrote, “Her face when you brush her is priceless.” Another chimed in and remarked, “You should teach how to make those beautiful stuffed animals with the fur of our pets!”

Despite the tedious process for mom, the cats appear well taken care of and pampered. One viewer noted, “The cuteness is off the scale with this one.”

Final thoughts

Oh, what a wonderful life Sonya and Kisa have, living with their crafty mother who adores and pampers them. Using her creativity, she’s come up with an artful way to handmake adorable toys for her cats in their own likeness – literally.

Check out the YouTube channel to see more funny, witty, and clever cat videos of Sonya and Kisa.

What did you think of this clever cat-loving mother’s creations? Is this something you would try at home?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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