Netizens are vying for Larry Chief Mouser to become the new British Prime Minister

Following the abrupt resignation of newly appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss, UK’s 10 downing Street is currently looking for a new tenant.

While the world awaits the new prime minister’s election, Internet has already picked its candidate. Larry, Chief Mouser, and his countless fans think he’s the feline for the job.

Britain has been in a bit of political turmoil these past months. The country has witnessed sudden leadership changes from the resignation of former leader Boris Johnson to the passing of long-reigning monarch Elizabeth II.

After King Charles III’s ascent and Liz Truss’s arrival at 10 Downing Street, people hoped the calm would return.  However, the unexpected resignation of Mrs. Truss after just forty-four days of leadership has crushed those dreams.

On Thursday, the Prime minister announced her resignation, stating her impossibility to deliver the mandate on which she was elected. Having spent less than seven weeks on the job, Liz Truss earned the title of the shortest mandate ever.

Additionally, Truss declared that she would continue in her role as prime minister for another week until her replacement was found.

If the news shocked many observers, one popular figure has had enough of the political back-and-forth. Larry, Chief Mouser of 10 Downing Street, gave his expert analysis on the subject.

If Larry’s official position is to keep the rodents at bay, the cat never shies away from sharing his take on the country’s situation. Furthermore, Larry’s opinion always holds weight as the cat knows his subject well.

 Since living at his famous address, the critter has seen four prime ministers and two monarchs. And he will probably see a fifth leader soon.

The famous kitten took his Twitter profile to share some news, getting his followers excited. He stated:

Once Larry published his tweet, the reactions were instant. The internet thought the cat would make an excellent Prime Minister.

Enthusiastic replies even likened Larry to a hero without a cape.

User Matt Milne responded:

“you’d be a better choice.  Retirement coming up in a little while too, nice way to go.”

@pinkrocker88 stated

“Don’t know why they didn’t think of that in the first place; by far the most experienced candidate, I would vote for🐾🐾🐾😺😺”

Not sure how other politicians will receive Larry’s bold move, but the Internet is already campaigning hard in the meantime. Opponents better watch out!

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