This couple made wonderfully creative bandages for their injured cat’s tail

Two loveable cats named Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their outdoor adventures in Canada with their parents, who are veterinarians.

When one of the felines suffered an injury, the parents hatched a creative plan to help heal the cat’s tail.


Sisters Fern and Maple were born in September 2020. At the time, Maple was being treated at the hospital where the veterinarian couple worked. They discovered she was up for adoption along with her sister Fern, the rest is history.

Using the Instagram handle “MaplexFern,” these young feline siblings share their lives as adventure cats. These two adorable felines help their parents teach their followers about all things cat.

Accidents happen

Earlier this year, in an Instagram reel, the gray cat Fern was sporting a variety of fun and stylish bandage designs on her tail.

Fern injured her tail when it got trapped in a doo, her tail was so badly injured that a portion of the skin was exposed down to the bone.

Unfortunately, they had to remove a portion of her tail.

An X-Ray of a cat's tail.
X-ray of damage to Fern’s tail. Pic Credit: @maplexfern/Instagram

The surgery was a success; however, the recovery required Fern’s tail to remain bandaged to avoid infection and prevent Fern from picking at it.

Her veterinarian parents decided to make lemonade out of lemons in this situation and have fun making creative bandages for the cat’s tail while she healed.

Fern modeled a variety of artsy bandages, from orange traffic cones and a banana to a flower and a snake, this veterinarian couple’s display of creativity was a hit with their followers!

In this viral Instagram reel, you can see the various creative bandages.

Fern seemed to enjoy all the attention and did not let her condition damper her spirits. With the constant support of her family, this cat’s tail has fully healed.

This Instagram reel has received well over one million likes with rave reviews from fans admiring the creativity of Fern’s bandages.

Adventure cats

Since their adoption, Maple and Fern have been on many adventures together with their parents in nature. Their parents have trained them to be outside since they were six months old.

Fern’s personality is very chill and calm and she’s pretty independent yet affectionate and friendly to strangers outside.

In contrast, her sister Maple is shy towards strangers. However with her owners she’s a cuddle bug and loves to follow them everywhere.

Wrap up

From taking hikes in the forests and enjoying sunsets at the beach, these beautiful tabby cats are living their best life with their parents and even an unforeseen accident didn’t slow them down.

This veterinarian couple uses their Instagram page to educate their followers with cat-friendly travel tips, general care, Q & A’s, and more.

You can watch and follow Maple and Fern’s adventures with their parents on Instagram.

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