man backpacking with three cats

This trio of cats travels the world in style, making memories with their Dad

Pets are family, and including them in family excursions is a privilege, not every pet owner can enjoy. However, that is not the case for this international traveling dad and his trio of cats.  A Tik Tok poster with the handle @spongecake_cats is a social media darling as he travels the world making memories with … Read more

Gray and white cat on harness sitting by a mountain lake

Gary is an adventure cat who loves exploring the Canadian Rockies

Gary the cat loves going on adventures in the wildly beautiful Canadian Rockies. He has gone on some pretty long hikes, with the longest being an impressive half a day. He also sometimes goes with his animal siblings Carl, Doug, Duke, and Marge. Gary is a domestic longhair cat who is about 4 years old. … Read more

Orange cat and gray cat sit on a boat

Fisher the boating master cat mentors his new little brother

Fisher the Maine Coon is a water-loving cat that has taken social media by storm. He has been delighting his followers with his boating, swimming, and tubing adventures for the past three years. Now Fisher has a new little brother who is learning the ropes, and Fisher is an amazing big brother and mentor. Fisher … Read more

A gray domestic long-hairedcat wearing banana style bandage on it's tail

This couple made wonderfully creative bandages for their injured cat’s tail

Two loveable cats named Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their outdoor adventures in Canada with their parents, who are veterinarians. When one of the felines suffered an injury, the parents hatched a creative plan to help heal the cat’s tail. Backstory Sisters Fern and Maple were born in September 2020. At … Read more

A woman holding two cats smiling.

This woman loves sharing her van-life adventures while traveling the United States with her two cats

A free-spirited woman named Quin Gable loves traveling and living a van life. However, she doesn’t do so solo but shares her nature-bound adventures with her two cats, Otto and Atlas. In a TikTok post, Quin describes how she lives her nomad lifestyle safely on the road with her two kitties. Trading shelter life for … Read more