This daring cat loves to swim and have adventures with her dad in the Caribbean

A video has gone viral on YouTube, that shares the story of a stray tabby cat who was rescued by a man living on a beach island. The young kitten found a loving home with an adventurous companion and soul mate.

In 2019, a man named Mike, living in the U.S. Virgin Islands, found a stray tabby kitten hiding on his uncle’s property. In the video, Mike recalls the moment he discovered his companion cat, whom he would later name Gracie.

His uncle had a house in the area, and he found the kitten hiding on his property. The tiny grey tabby cat got entangled in the vines against the house.

Gracie had lost her mom who was nowhere in sight. Coincidentally, Mike felt a little lonely and longed for companionship too. He did not know it then, but their encounter would turn out to be destiny.

Mike freed Gracie from the entanglement and gave her a new home. Having Gracie as his companion, he taught her how to fetch and play with a frisbee.

He also supported and encouraged Gracie when going for a swim in the ocean.

Two peas in a pod

As an outdoorsy person, Mike loves spending time in nature and is the happiest when adventuring on the island. Since Gracie has entered his life, it is clear they are like two peas in a pod.

She has quickly adapted to his lifestyle. Together they enjoy spending time on the beach and swimming in the warm ocean waters.

This adventurous cat is fearless as she runs alongside her Dad on the beach or paddles in the waters beside him. The two also share activities like biking and hiking, due to Mike’s very active lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Mike has found his soul mate in Gracie, as she shares his passion for the outdoors. An unplanned moment in time turned out to be fate for this adventurous duo.

Mike and Gracie came into each other’s lives at a moment in time when they both needed support and companionship. A stray cat found a place to call home with her dad in the picturesque beautiful Caribbean Islands.

Their shared bond and experiences together continue to solidify their bond as a family unit. You can follow Mike and his adventures with Gracie on her Instagram page.

Did this inspiring story resonate with you? Do you share your home with an adventure cat?

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