This dog mom brings home two rescue kittens, and her pup’s reaction is priceless

If opposites attract, then this story will make your heart smile. In a video posted on YouTube, a dog mom rescues a pair of newborn kittens, and what happens next will make your heart melt.

Fluff in the road

A woman who owned a dog named Kiwi happened to be walking home one day when she discovered a ball of fluff in the road. That ball of fluff turned out to be a pair of newborn kittens.

She brought the ginger cats came home to be with her and their new big brother canine, Kiwi. The owner named the rescued kittens Picchu and Machu.

At first, due to their young age, the woman didn’t introduce the pair to her dog. After taking time to help them grow bigger and stronger, the owner had the kittens meet Kiwi.

The reception from their new big brother Kiwi was awkward. He had never met a cat before, so the owner was unsure how he would react.

Awkward introduction

Kiwi, formerly the only ‘child’ in the home, now received duty as big brother to a pair of kittens. As seen in the video, his facial expression greeting the kittens with his eyes bulging out of his head is priceless.

However, kittens Picchu and Machi did not seem to mind. This fluffy orange duo seemed quite unbothered and on a mission to make Kiwi love them no matter what.

After much trial and error, time, strategizing, and patience, something in the air shifted. One random day Kiwi laid down and rested his head on Machu’s paws.

At that moment, the owner realized a bond had been formed and solidified. After a few more months passed, big brother Kiwi and his siblings Machu and Picchu all became each other’s snuggle buddies.

These rescue kittens got the big brother they always wanted in Kiwi. Mission accomplished.

Final thoughts

An unexpected kitten rescue turned into a happy accident for one dog mom and her pup. With the addition of two new cats, the family has expanded along with the love.

Together they can now share all the snuggles they can handle. You can see more interactions between Machu, Picchu, and Kiwi on Tik Tok.

What did you think of this heartwarming story? Did Kiwi’s reaction to the rescue kittens surprise you?

Share your thoughts in the comments. If this story made you smile, share it with a friend to brighten their day.

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