These Oregon firefighters are deemed heroes for their help in rescuing six newborn kittens confined beneath a home

Last week Marion County Fire District No.1 firefighters came to the aid of a mother cat and her newborn kittens.

In a Facebook post published on October 13th, Oregon firefighters responded to a local resident’s call for help. At approximately 2:30 pm Wednesday, Fire District No. 1 responded to an address on Auburn Road in Salem, Oregon.

The homeowner needed assistance rescuing six kittens from underneath his neighbor’s house. The mother cat had moved the young kittens there earlier in the morning. 

Moving kittens

According to Animal Path, mother cats instinctively want to keep their young out of harm’s way. As a result, they may often choose to move their babies to a different location for various reasons. 

A few reasons why mother cats relocate their kittens include: 

  • The mother cat desires to keep her kittens in a safe place.
  • She wants to ensure a safe and clean space to keep her babies.
  • The mother cat instinctively wants to protect her young from predators.
  • The ideal location for newborn kittens is in an area that is quiet and free from distractions.
Firefighter rescues kittens
Firefighters retrieved the newborn kittens safely. Pic Credit:@MarionCountyFireDistrict1/Facebook

Newborn kitten rescue

Firefighters entered the crawl space under the house. Once they retrieved the baby kittens, they got handed off to awaiting fire crew members. 

The rescue team worked efficiently to save the newborn kittens in about thirty minutes. Then, the cats reunited safely with their rightful owner. 

Marion County Firefighters stated in the social media post,

“It’s not always about the call, it’s about service to our citizens.”

Followers react

Community residents and viewers responded favorably online to credit the firefighters and their successful rescue mission efforts.

“Oh my gosh. That is awesome.” – Deborah DeFazio

“So sweet Thank you” – Vivian Bishop

“You guys are awesome !” – Korin Atwood

red firesruck
Marion County Fire District No. 1 fire truck. Pic Credit: @MarionCountyFireDistrict1/Facebook

Final Thoughts

Community and family transcend beyond the human experience. Every life is precious, including the lives of our animals. 

A person’s call for help to rescue six kittens moved under a home was successfully answered thanks to the firefighters of Marion County Fire District No. 1.

These heroes serving the citizens of Oregon understand firsthand the importance of saving lives in danger, including those with paws.

Thanks to their efforts, this mother cat and her kittens can turn the page in the next chapter of their nine lives.

black newborn kittens in cardboard box
Thanks to the firefighter’s rescue efforts, these newborn kittens are safe and sound..Pic Credit:@MarionCountyFireDistrict1/Facebook

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