This handsome ‘shop manager’ cat is the delight of his customers and social media

A typical errand run to the store can be a mundane task. However, thanks to one shop manager cat in Maine, a few lucky patrons at the local hardware store receive joy and pure entertainment.

Shop manager cat means business.

Meet Daniel! He’s the resident tabby cat and designated shop manager at a local hardware store.This adorable bow-tie-wearing feline is getting all the attention from customers and social media from posts made by a fellow worker on TikTok.

Posting under the name @shoppers_hardware, resident cat Daniel and worker Lauren share moments of life at the hardware store. Daniel takes his work seriously, from starting the day with his daily treat routine and navigating the aisles to putting a smile on customers’ faces.

Naturally, all that hard work also permits time for rest and cat naps. His dedication and cuteness don’t go unnoticed.

Customers, staff, and social media have responded with delight and amusement.

Social media responds.

Daniel’s presence in the store elevates morale and brings joy and entertainment to an otherwise ordinary day. Viewers were not shy to share their thoughts online.

Here are a few comments from viewers.

That’s the kind of supervisor I want at work.”🥰 -AnnieDRN

“If I had Daniel as a boss I would stay late every day.” – Tara Chandler

I would LOVE to see the look on someone’s face when they demand to talk to the manager and you place him on the counter.” 😂 – ladystickerfeet

“I would love that walk into work everyday he is so sweet.” – shellyschulz805

“You[r] boss is so nice! I wish I had a flooff boss.” – Chris Mansker

“[T]hat cat would be the only reason I’d go into work.” – MaryBeth


Replying to @emilyhenderson321 I couldn’t agree more 😂 #shopcat #truevalue #catsoftiktok #shoppershardware #judgmentaldaniel @shoppers_hardware

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

“He’s marching proudly!” 🥰- vegasbaby2333

“Can we get more high stepping Daniel? I love it.” 🥰 – Stinky Kitty

“Daniel was a band major in a past life.”😹 – Fly Past The Sun

Wrap up

The sight of pets on a typical run to the store can brighten anyone’s day. The presence of cats in our lives leaves an indelible imprint on our hearts and minds.

Hardware shop manager cat Daniel shows the impact of the human-animal bond in our everyday lives. Cats have the power to make change lives for the better with a simple purr and a smile to brighten your day.

You can follow Daniel and his run-ins at the hardware store by following him on TikTok.

What did you think of this handsome shop manager? Could you work with a manager like Daniel every day?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Remember to share this story with a friend.

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