This man is on a quest to set a new world record for most countries visited by an adventure cat

Four years ago, in September 2018, a man named Dean left Dunbar, Scotland, with the goal of traveling the world by cycling. After traveling for three months and visiting nine countries, his journey took an unexpected turn when he met his future best friend and adventure cat.

Twist of fate

As referenced on his website, 1bike1world, Dean heard a kitten meowing while he approached the border of Bosnia and Montenegro by bike. The young kitten attempted to get his attention by chasing him and crying its heart out.

The adorable cat had been dumped about twelve miles from the nearest town. Dean took the kitten on the road with him.

Despite being abandoned and starving, the kitten had a friendly demeanor. Over the next several days, he and the kitten grew closer.

The cat possessed a feisty and loving personality. Dean later named the cat Nala.

After taking her to the vet and finding out she wasn’t registered, Nala officially became his lifelong travel companion. With a front-row seat on his bike, she got the star treatment for all the adventures exploring multiple countries.

Adventure cat milestones

To date, Dean and Nala have traveled to more than twenty-nine countries and aim to break the world record for most countries visited by a cat. Adventure cat Nala has reached a milestone of her own and recently celebrated her fourth birthday on October 2nd.

Dean has a best friend in Nala. They have traveled the world together, learning about each other and sharing the beautiful sights of various countries in Europe, including Scotland, Austria, and more.

Having Nala in his life has shifted his priorities, and he learned to enjoy every moment. Dean choroncles his journies with Nala on social media.

Wrap up

With over one million followers, his fans have provided much support and adoration for his journey with his cat. Together they have faced many ups and downs, and Dean has compiled many of those experiences in a book called Nala’s World.

Visit his website or follow his Instagram page and get a glimpse into the world of international travel.

What did you think of this friendly cat and her adventurous dad? Do you travel with your pets?

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