Beautiful white cat with green eyes smiling

Yuumi is a supermodel cat who is stunning, but also very funny

Meet Yuumi, a beautiful cat who acts like a supermodel. She is so pretty and graceful that no one could resist her charm. Yuumi the star Yuumi’s owner posts pictures on Reddit, showing off how beautiful and photogenic her cat is. Even when Yuumi was still a kitten, she was already showing off her supermodel … Read more

Gray tabby cat with cerebellar hypoplasia

Meet Dilly Beans, a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia living her best life

Dilly Beans is an amazing cat who is living her best life. She has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that causes her to wobble around. Although she’s a little more wiggly than other cats, she’s a very happy cat. Not broken Dilly Beans was adopted 2 years ago in the summer. She was a rescue cat … Read more

Six kittens, tabbies and calicos and black cat

Six “Jersey Shore” kittens grew up well even when their mama cat was sick

In another article, we introduced Jersey, a mama cat who waited to have her babies until after her foster mom got back home. Now, we think it’s time to meet her “Jersey Shore” kittens. Their foster mom, Stephanie, calls the kittens the little “Shores,” since they’re named after characters from the TV show Jersey Shore. … Read more

Cat's reaction to toy leaves Twitter cackling

Cat’s unimpressed reaction to new electronic toy has netizens giggling

The owners of Tabby cat believed that by surprising their feline with a new interactive toy, they would delight him. However, the animal’s reaction was less than thrilling. After the cat owner posted the cat’s response to the gift on Twitter, users’ reactions to the clip on Twitter ranged from enjoyment to outright hilarity. Cats … Read more

tabby cat employee of the month

This handsome ‘shop manager’ cat is the delight of his customers and social media

A typical errand run to the store can be a mundane task. However, thanks to one shop manager cat in Maine, a few lucky patrons at the local hardware store receive joy and pure entertainment. Shop manager cat means business. Meet Daniel! He’s the resident tabby cat and designated shop manager at a local hardware … Read more

Smart cat knows how to open any door

Tinker cat opens electronic doors to sneak out without permission

A kitten’s door-opening skills have left his owner and the internet dumbfounded. There’s no door able to resist the cat’s magic touch. Tabby cat Moongshi and his owner reside in a roomy apartment. However, the space is clearly not enough for the moggy, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to escape. Moongshi’s mistress noticed her cat’s … Read more

Tabby cat sits on person's lap and their crochet work

Cat demands that her owner stop crocheting and give her back rubs instead

This cat owner likes to crochet, but he only has one problem: his cat doesn’t want him to! The cat, Julie, demands attention and back rubs, and he can’t give them to her if he’s crocheting. So she solves the problem by sitting on his lap while he’s working, preventing him from doing anything else … Read more

Stray cat at wedding makes groom remember late father

A cat crashes a wedding, reminding the groom of his cat-loving father

A groom had a surprise on the day of his wedding. A stray cat joined the wedding guests during the religious ceremony held in Italy. Alessandra and her fiance Frederico gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union under the blessing of the Church. Unfortunately, one dear to their hearts was sadly missing: Federico’s deceased … Read more