Tabby cat sits on person's lap and their crochet work

Cat demands that her owner stop crocheting and give her back rubs instead

This cat owner likes to crochet, but he only has one problem: his cat doesn’t want him to! The cat, Julie, demands attention and back rubs, and he can’t give them to her if he’s crocheting. So she solves the problem by sitting on his lap while he’s working, preventing him from doing anything else … Read more

Stray cat at wedding makes groom remember late father

A cat crashes a wedding, reminding the groom of his cat-loving father

A groom had a surprise on the day of his wedding. A stray cat joined the wedding guests during the religious ceremony held in Italy. Alessandra and her fiance Frederico gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union under the blessing of the Church. Unfortunately, one dear to their hearts was sadly missing: Federico’s deceased … Read more

Three-legged cat receives a prosthesis

Nebraska University students develop a prosthetic for a three-legged rescue kitten

The University of Nebraska students majoring in biological systems engineering have succeeded in creating a prosthetic leg for a three-legged feline. They conducted experiments with Olive, a brown tabby cat. Olive, a stray cat, found in a local shelter, had a cleft in her leg and was born with three paws. One of the veterinarians, … Read more

A tabby cat abandoned in a box

A woman and her dog in Wales found a cat left in a sealed box during a stroll in Wales

A woman out walking her dog came upon a cat that had been abandoned in a box covered with tape and locked from the outside. Afterward, a local animal rights group took care of the rescued animal.  Along with a request for witnesses to provide their testimony, an investigation ensued to find the culprit behind … Read more

Tabby cat hugging a woman

Chase the clingy cat won’t stop hugging his mom

Chase is a cat who loves to give hugs to everyone, especially his mom. Sometimes she thinks he could learn to respect personal space more, but his clinginess still makes him such a unique and sweet cat. Chase and his family Chase’s family includes his owners, or his “pawrents,” Fifi and Kareem. He also has … Read more

Black cat hugs an orange tabby cat

Cat brothers Simon and Sabastian were so cuddly they had to be adopted together

Simon and Sabastian, a bonded pair of cat brothers, were always hugging each other. Their owner couldn’t help but adopt them both together and let them keep cuddling for the rest of their lives. The cuddling strategy Colleen Green, Simon and Sabastian’s owner, first met the cats through her friend, who had recently bought a … Read more

Kitten paralyzed in farm injury has incredible zest for life and still gets the ‘zoomies’

Merida was found on a farm unable to move her back legs at only two months old. Her back legs were wounded and it looked as though she had suffered a spinal injury, possibly from being stepped on by a large animal at the farm. Thankfully Jillian, the founder of Foster Baby Cats, was able … Read more

A tabby cat lies against a woman wearing a fake beard.

This woman started wearing a fake beard to trick her cat into liking her

When we last checked in with married couple Lindsey and Drew, Lindsey was competing with their cat Roswell for her husband’s love.  The Dodo has now shared a new video that explores Lindsey’s latest ploy to leave the life of a third wheel behind; wear a fake beard and trick Roswell into thinking she’s Drew. … Read more

A fluffy tabby cat stuck in a tree in winter.

A man rescued a lost cat that survived a snowstorm and gave him a loving new home

Last November 2021 in Alberta, Canada, Max Adams participated in the Movember men’s health initiative. While on a 60 km hike in the cold, he discovered a lost cat in a tree. In a viral video posted on YouTube, Max explains how he had a difficult fifteen months personally and how encountering this cat captured … Read more