Unwanted rescue cat walks his human to the bus stop every day

All parents want to make sure their kids get to school safely. The same goes for Craig, the cat who walks his human little girl to the bus stop daily.

The Leatherman family’s rescue cat has made it his sworn duty to ensure his human gets on the bus safely. The black and white kitty waits with her for the bus to come every single day.

Craig spent eight and half months in a shelter without anyone wanting him before the Leathermans adopted him in 2019. When they took him home, it was like he had lived there all along.

The morning routine

While everyone immediately fell in love with Craig, the tuxedo cat took a special shine to the family’s little girl.

When she started a new routine of taking the bus to school in the morning, Craig was right there by her side.

The girl’s mother, Jessica Leatherman, started to notice that Craig would meow at the door when her daughter was leaving for the bus. So, she decided to let him out one day so that he could see her off.

“The bus stops right in front of our house, and I figured I’d let him come outside [so he could] hang out with me,” Leatherman told The Dodo. “But instead of me, he chose to hang out with her, and he followed her down the sidewalk and down the driveway and just sat there the entire time she was waiting for the bus.”

Leatherman said she couldn’t believe her eyes and assumed he would just wander back inside. But sure enough, Craig sat there and waited until she got on the bus, and it drove away.

“When it happened, I was like, ‘Is he really doing this?’” Leatherman said. “He’s given himself the job. I don’t know why but it’s super sweet.”

Craig’s conducts his sacred duty as a bus guardian every single day. Now all the kids on the school bus call out to Craig when they see him. He’s become something of a “local legend.”

“So he’s just kind of become this sweet little neighborhood mascot in a way,” Leatherman said.

Leatherman says that Craig loves his girl very much, and they are like “two peas in a pod” constantly next to one another. He’s always standing by her as if to protect her.

When Leathermanposted videos of Craig “at work” on TikTok, the internet fell in love with him as well.

“A lot of people were saying in the comments for the videos that he just seems like a grandpa reincarnated that sees his little girl off to school,” Leatherman said. “And that’s just so him — he’s the grandpa that everyone wants.”

You can check out more of Grandpa Craig on TikTok @craig_the_cat.

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