A cat amazingly survives forty minutes in an operating washing machine in Norway

A cat named Zero, living in Oslo, experienced the scariest moment of his life. The tomcat spent forty minutes in a functioning washing machine.

Cats sneaking into places they are not supposed to is a regular day for cat owners. Cupboards, cardboard boxes, even car engines, these pusses have no limits.

Similarly, the Norwegian cat Zero picked a particular hiding spot. The tomcat slipped into the drum of a washing machine.

The sly pet took advantage of the fact that a family member was sorting out clothes before placing them in the open drum. So zero hopped in the machine without his owner noticing.

Once the sorting was finished, the busy man picked a forty-minute program and started his machine. He then walked away to tackle his other chores, unaware of his cat’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately for Zero, no one noted him disappearing. As a result, he had to go through the entire washing cycle, according to Wamiz.

Only after the machine completely halted did the family’s teenage son discover the cat. The boy had initially come to collect the clean laundry.

He opened the drum to a dreadful scene.  An emaciated zero was thoroughly wet and rendered unconscious.

The young alerted his parents as the kitten wouldn’t regain consciousness.

When the family saw the cat’s condition, they decided to take it to the veterinarian. Zero was monitored for a total of forty-eight hours there.  

Zero successfully made it back to his house after being gone for two days. This was obviously fantastic news for his worried family.

They were just grateful he survived the traumatizing experience and would now operate any machinery with increased caution.

Cats in washing machine

Even though Zero had a life-threatening incident, he’s far from being the only cat to experience this mishap.

A kitten in 2019 was extremely fortunate to survive after being trapped in a washing machine for several minutes. The kitten, Comet, accidentally fell asleep in the washing machine’s drum.

The cat avoided the unthinkable because his owner, Naomi Thompson, heard his calls for rescue.  To save the kitten’s life, she had to perform cardiopulmonary revival.

In 2020 a Burmese cat Oscar from Queensland, Australia, miraculously survived a taxing 12 minutes inside a washing machine during a hot cycle.

 New York Post reported that his owner Amanda first realized her cat’s plight when she heard an unusual meowing sound after her husband had placed sheets in the machine.

Amanda revealed that after spending 24 hours at the vet and taking anti-inflammatory medication, the lucky cat slept for an entire week.

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