Opinionated rescue kitten’s gravely meow is just too cute

Lexus was only a kitten but she had already been through a lot. And she was very opinionated and very vocal about it.

Lexus and her siblings, who were also named after cars, were found at an auto shop at 3-weeks-old.

The underweight kittens were taken to the Arizona Humane Society and placed in the care of Newborn Kitten Rescue.

Surviving adversity

These poor babies were all underweight and needed to be constantly fed to bulk up. While the rest of kittens were doing well in the care of the rescue, Lexus wasn’t.

Lexus had to be taken in for emergency care two days after her arrival. Lexus couldn’t keep her food down and was losing weight as a result.

She was also determined to have a case of pneumonia and feline panleukopenia. But Lexus was a fighter and was determined to not only live but thrive.

After about five days of receiving 24-7 care Lexus started to take a turn for the better. After having to fight for her survival, Lexus had a lot to say.

And she had no problem telling you about it with some adorably gravely meows. Lexus was very vocal about her wants and needs.

“She is obsessed with shoulders, snuggles, and kisses. She is also quite vocal, and not afraid to let everyone know that she’s here,” Vice President of Newborn Kitten Rescue Amelia Riedler told Love Meow.

Lexus grew in strength and playfulness with each passing day. She absolutely loved people and was a huge fan of shoulder sitting.

“She loved to be held up close, nestled in a little sling her foster mom fashioned for her, and sung to. Milestones such as playing, grooming, and eating on her own were all celebrated,” Riedler said.

Playtime all the time

Lexus soon discovered that her favorite thing to do was play. She was often found roughhousing with her foster brothers and sisters.

“She wants to play as much as she wants to love. She purrs immediately when she sees you and would be happy to spend all her time playing, sleeping, and snuggling with cats and people alike,” Riedler said. “She loves face-to-face rubs, neck scritches, and will even take a nap with you tucked up under your chin.”

Thanks to the folks at Newborn Kitten Rescue Lexus was healthy enough to be put up for adoption to find a forever home. You can learn more about Newborn Kitten Rescue’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

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