Florida firefighters rescued a trapped kitten from under a vehicle’s hood

During a recent rescue mission, firefighters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, simultaneously assumed the roles of veterinarian and mechanic. The fire rescue team freed a poor kitten stuck in the engine of a car.

But how did this teeny-tiny ball of fur become trapped under an automobile’s hood? Onlookers had no idea, but one thing was sure: extracting him wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

A daring rescue

The shocked owner of the vehicle discovered the animal beneath his hood, so he quickly called the firefighters and the rescue team then stepped in to save the animal.

Due to the narrow space and limited freedom of movement, rescuing the cat required precaution and control to prevent harming the kitty.

It was a tricky maneuver, but in the end, these firefighters’ experience prevailed, USA Today posted a video of the incredible rescue.

The firefighters were able to save the small cat, but as expected, it was not in the best condition when it was freed from the engine.

Nobody could tell how long the kitten had spent trapped there and so the feline was fortunate to have been found.

Thankfully, the poor creature pulled through and found a forever home just a few days later.

The new owner wasn’t specified, but if they own a car, they will have to keep an eye on him because this pussy cat is a certified gearhead.

Cats in car engines are common

Every so often, you’ll come across tales of cats who have been stuck under a car’s hood for an extended period and have not recovered.

Although some of these tales have a positive ending, many more regrettably can result in unfortunate tragedy.

In most cases, cats that end up under a car hood were in search of a “warm spot” or a place to hide, the heat from an engine is just what they are looking for.

Hence, they huddle near the engine and fall asleep or wedge themselves between the parts so they can’t get out.

This is especially common in young kittens experiencing their first adventures in an environment where they are not yet aware of the dangers.

During the colder months, this issue is more prevalent. Likewise, many cats lie on the automobile’s bonnet to take advantage of the heat from the engine.

If you find an animal beneath the hood, you should know that it’s not usually feasible to get it out without harming it, so you should alert the adequate services.

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