A cat chose to give birth on her owner’s lap

Ellie Fransenn knew her expectant cat would give birth at any minute. Yet, the Dutch teenager never imagined where the puss would pick to deliver her kittens.

When the time came for the cat to give birth, she chose to do so on her mistress’s lap.

At the first row of the little miracle, the young woman feels blessed to have been present during the birth of her pets.

Ellie Fransenn, 18, had just come home from visiting friends. Soon, it dawned on her that the tabby cat she called Asrael had just given birth to her first kitten.

Still, Asrael had more surprises in store for her mistress. The moment she sensed Ellie’s presence, the expecting approached her owner.

Asrael then moved quickly to position herself on her human’s lap to finish the birthing process. However, because Ellie thought this wasn’t the greatest spot to give birth, she looked for a better alternative.

The cat owner attempted to put her puss on a blanket, but Asrael obviously had her mind set on Ellie’s lap. So ultimately, the girl just let the cat do as she pleased.

The cat delivers kittens on Ellie’s lap

As a result, Asrael’s delivery took place on Ellie’s lap. According to Pets Radar, the mother cat gave birth to a litter of five adorably cute kittens while the owner was holding and reassuring her.

Ellie Fransenn revealed that she was moved emotionally not just by the birth event but also by the fact that her cat decided to do it on her lap. Besides, she made sure to record it on camera.

The video of the touching event, taking place in the Netherlands, was uploaded on TikTok. It quickly became popular and received various responses from viewers, earning more than seven million times in three weeks.

After uploading the video (shown below), Ellie was swamped with comments.

@Iamabluelemon wrote of the cat’s decision:

“That means that she trusts you so much 🥰”

Commenters shared similar experiences to Ellie’s. User @Kasumi 🥀 revealed:

“Same with my cat, and then wouldn’t let me leave my own damn room cause I had to watch her kittens while she lounged around in the sun”

@Bonnie Heapy also chimed in:

“My cat when I was younger had her first lot of kittens under my blanket at the end of the bed that was a surprise to wake up to lol”

Ellie Fransenn informed her audience that the mother and kittens were both in excellent condition.

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