A master recovers his missing cat after four months thanks to a collective mobilization

For four months, a cat dad feverishly sought his missing black cat, Nutty. She had escaped from her family and never came back.

In the face of this vanishing, Philippe Piveron started a Facebook group to help him locate his pet. After the group attracted attention, this story got a positive outcome due to an outpouring of community support.

Philippe Piveron and his furball Nutty are based out of Lagny-sur-Marne in the French region of Seine-et-Marne.

Nutty left the house on April 30, 2022, but failed to return. Philippe did everything possible to find her, including setting up a dedicated Facebook page.

Around 160 persons joined the group and kept their guard up throughout the search. The collective vigilance worked in the end.

On August 24th, Philippe reported the encouraging news that Nutty had been located within a few meters of where she had gone missing.

The community locates the missing cat

The cat had not been seen in the area for three months when, on August 15, a local woman called Lawrence discovered her on Saules Street. In response, the woman shot some images and forwarded them to Philippe.

The cat owner told the story in an interview with Actu. He said:

“I had a doubt. The cat looked like Nutty, but… I didn’t want to get excited again for nothing.”

A few days later, another person reported seeing the missing cat.

“If it’s not Nutty, it’s the devil,” Philippe said.

He made an unsuccessful trip to the location on August 22nd in search of her. As a result, he posted a message on the doorstep of the neighboring residence, asking for their collaboration.

 The next day, he felt a great sense of relief. A nurse informed him that a patient she cared for had found a black cat that looked much like Nutty. The man kept feeding the animal.

On August 24th, Philip visited the man’s home and was greeted by the sight of his trusty furry friend in the garden. She’d transformed a little bit since she’d escaped.

They took her to the vet to make sure she was, indeed, the right feline. The tattoo serving as identification proved to be effective.

Nutty had dropped 1.7 kg, making her slightly unrecognizable. Withal, the black critter had a flea and tick infestation but was otherwise healthy.

After four months on the loose, Nutty is back at her house and is receiving the attention she needs to be back on her feet. Since her return Phillipe kept his followers updated on the cat’s progress.

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