Mom didn’t want her daughter to get a cat, but now he’s part of their family

Kyla’s mom had a no-pet policy, and she didn’t want her daughter to get a cat. But when Kyla got a cat anyway, her mom had to get used to him being part of their family.

Kyla knew that her mom would be upset, but she couldn’t resist adopting precious little Bundy, an adorable cross-eyed cat with tons of energy.

She was right. Her mother, Monica, was not happy that there was a pet in the house. It was difficult for her to get used to Bundy and his crazy antics.

Bundy the bundle of mischief

One of Bundy’s habits was to jump up on the table when people were eating, get up in their business, and beg for a bite of their food. Even when Monica tried to shoo him away, or picked him up and put him on the floor, he just kept coming back.

That was only the beginning of his mischief. In a video by the Dodo, Monica said:

“I come home, I see cat hair on my table, I see paw prints on the counters. He’s dangling from my curtains. He likes to climb on my favorite couch! Just as I’m cleaning everything, he just stands and stares at me with those weird, crazy eyes.”

Cat climbs on couch
Bundy climbs all over Monica’s favorite couch. Pic credit: @bowtie.bundy/TikTok

Although Monica wasn’t amused, her daughter Kyla thought everything Bundy did was “extremely entertaining.” She was much quicker to forgive him for his shenanigans. She said:

“He could do no wrong in my eyes, because he’s my little angel boy. I mean, just look at him. How could you possibly get mad at him?”

Woman kisses white cat
Bundy gets some kisses from Kyla. Pic credit: @bowtie.bundy/TikTok

Part of the family

Gradually, Monica started warming up to Bundy too. She said:

“He loves pressing my buttons, but he does have his moments.”

Bundy liked to hang around Monica when she was having a Zoom meeting. He lay down nearby, curious about who she was talking to. She learned to like being around him, although he was more often crazy than calm.

Kyla was so happy to see her mom warming up to Bundy. She described Bundy as like “what a human son would be like.” He loved to follow her around and give her cuddles. He had truly become a part of their family.

Now, in addition to giving love and cuddles, he keeps things interesting in their house. Monica admitted that he really does fit into their family well because his crazy behavior “brings out sarcasm and wittiness.”

Bundy certainly is a quirky, crazy cat. Monica may not have wanted him around at first, but now he’s an inseparable part of their family.

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