A cat in Michigan earns the Guinness record for the world’s tallest domestic cat

The Guinness World Records has officially recognized an American cat as the world’s tallest domestic cat. Savannah cat Fenrir, owned by William John Powers of Farmington Hills, Michigan, received the distinction after officials verified his jaw-dropping stature.

Surprisingly the record was previously held by Fenrir’s brother Arcturus. Arcturus was measured at 19.05 inches in 2016.

However, the former world’s tallest cat tragically died in a home fire shortly after his award. Despite the tragedy, Arcturus is still the tallest known domestic cat.

Powers also owns other record-breaking pets. Among his furry friends is the domestic puss with the world’s longest-tailed domestic cat, a Maine coon named Altair.

The length of Altair’s tail is precisely 16.07 inches. Cygnus, Altair’s older brother, held the record for the longest tail on a domestic cat, but he perished in the same fire as his brother Arcturus in 2016.

The cat’s tail used to measure 17.58 inches from tip to tassel.

Willam Powers expressed how much these awards mean to him as a cat lover. He stated:

“For someone so obsessed with their cats to have not one, not two, but four Guinness World Records title-holding animals in one lifetime is a bit surreal, isn’t it,”

The cat owner thinks these events are almost programmed. According to him, it’s as if karma wanted to offer some relief after the disaster which saw him lose a home and beloved pets.

Savannah cats are taller

The Savannah cat is a hybrid offspring of a domestic housecat and an African serval. Taking its name from the serval’s natural home, this cat, like its wild ancestor, is a lanky creature with large ears and a long, slender body.

Its coat is speckled in a distinctive pattern that adds to its untamed appearance. Yet, Savannah cats, in contrast to servals, are friendly with other animals and children.

According to The Spruce pets, Savannah cats are restricted from ownership in many areas and outright banned in others. Despite being a relatively recent breed, the Savannah cat is quite popular.

The Savannah breed of cat is often taller than other types. Despite their height, they tend to weigh less than people expect.

These slender creatures love leaping and landing on high surfaces like a tree for example. Besides, they enjoy playing in the water.

Experts claim Savannah cats can be trained and enjoy games of fetch, making them similar to dogs. They may be clicker-trained, much like a dog to do tricks and follow directions.

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