A cat lost a decade ago in California is found miles away in Idaho

Susan Moore’s cat went missing ten years ago in Sanger, California. After all this time, the woman certainly didn’t expect a call announcing the kitten’s reappearance. Even less in Idaho, more than thousand miles from home.

The Californian brought kitten Harriet home from a shelter. Moore and her husband had recently moved to the countryside, so they needed a trustworthy barn cat.

However, the kitten became very ill soon after her adoption. Harriet’s state required costly care, but the feline recovered.

The cat’s presence in the house meant that rodents would stay away. Furthermore, Harriet and Susan developed a close bond.

When the kitten disappeared, Moore hunted for her throughout their house, on lost pet websites, and by contacting local animal shelters. Susan revealed to Coeur d’Alene that she tried everything to find her pet.

After Harriet vanished, Moore’s husband began to suspect coyotes might have hurt her.

Ten years later, a passerby spotted a stray cat in Hayden, Idaho. This person brought the rescue kitty to the Companions Animal Center.

A microchip scan confirmed that the healthy and friendly cat had an owner. Subsequently, Susan received a phone call.

Ten years later, thousand miles away

The cat owner recollects the day she learned the cat was still alive.  Someone on the other side of the phone line bluntly told her.

“We found your cat. We found Harriet.”

Susan was so shocked that she asked which cat they were talking about. Then the caller informed her Harriet was in their Hayden facility.

At first, Susan was unfamiliar with Hayden; she thought it was another small California town. Still, she realized her mistake when the caller explained he was ringing from Idaho.

California-born Moore, now even more confused, claimed she was unfamiliar with the name Hayden.

In response, the caller explained,

“That’s because we’re in Idaho.”

After a few exchanges, Moore recognized that the lost cat was hers—a female called Harriet—who disappeared from their residence nine years ago.

If that’s the case, how did Harriet get from California to Idaho? The answer to that question is not straightforward.

Moore believes the cat may have ridden incognito on her husband’s horse trailer and hopped out when the man arrived at a rodeo. It’s possible someone living in the area adopted Harriet before moving to Idaho with her.

Anyhow, Susan Moore’s brother will pick up the kitten and fly her to California. Nevertheless, the woman worries Harriet is not going to recognize her.

She is still happy to reunite with her pet.

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