Owner gives miniature house to her cat on its fifteenth birthday

An owner’s celebrated her cat’s fifteenth birthday with a gift that had the Internet swooning. The video revealing the cat’s new miniature house received thousands of views.

Kody, the ginger cat, is a bona fide social media celebrity who lives in Australia with his mistress. He has racked up more than 200 000 followers on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

To mark his fifteenth birthday, Kody’s owner was looking for something special for the senior cat. On September 15, Kody’s mistress posted a video, which quickly went viral on the internet.

In the clip, the ginger feline is shown lounging around in a garden. His mistress said in the subtitles,

“Biggest regret after buying our 15-year-old cat a house?”

Soon after that, Kody is seen making his way over to the house his owner had custom-built out of wood for the ginger kitty. The miniature house looks like a warm and inviting home.

Inside, the furniture is perfectly adapted to its furry inhabitant. A little, cozy bed sits tucked away in one of the nooks, providing the cat with a place to climb and unwind.

Even more impressively, the house bears a plate with the cat’s name on the exterior—no mistaking who’s the homeowner here.

Kody’s owner said in the caption that this expense was worth every cent to see the kitten happy. And happy Kody certainly is with his new fancy digs.

First, the kitty is over the moon with his individualized litter box. Additionally, pictures show that Kody is having a lot of fun climbing up on his favorite cushion and cuddling up to the top.

Kody’s miniature house gets Tiktok’s approval

In less than three days after its upload, the film has been viewed by 500,000 people! Viewers had a great time finding out about the new hangout of the gorgeous ginger cat:

One of them commented:

” Looooove it!!! I have an outdoor cat house as well for my cat, and she loves it😻🥰”

User @Nalameetsworld exclaimed:

“This is so cute! I’d love to do this for the kitties I feed outside. I just hope they’d use it”

Many users asked the original poster where she found this epic gift. In response, Kody’s parent redirected them to a search for chicken coops.

It’s safe to say Kody’s gift was a unanimous success. But most importantly, the critter can now safely play outside without his owner having to worry about him getting hurt.

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