A cat who disliked everyone now gives hugs to all the other cats that need love

Humphrey had a pretty traumatic start to life. He was only 4-months-old when he was left for dead in the middle of the highway.

But after being shown what love is, Humphrey was not only able to accept it but also to give it to all of the other cats at Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary.

Brenda Wilkinson rescued Humphrey and brought him to the sanctuary, where they saved his life. Despite the difficult situation, Humphrey maintained his composure.

Wilkinson could tell that he was a “survivor,” so she referred to him as a “peaceful warrior.” As cool as Humphrey was in the face of adversity, there were some things he couldn’t tolerate: people.

All you need is love

He was not a fan of them and was pretty much terrified of the world he found himself in, but Wilkinson knew that there was a fix for that: love.

At first, Humphrey wasn’t open to receiving any type of love or affection, it took almost a whole month to get a purr out of him.

But once Humphrey started purring for Wilkinson, he didn’t stop. It’s one of his favorite things to do now.

She shared:

“He’s constantly purring, all you’ve gotta do is look at him, and he’ll start.”

Once Humphrey was able to accept love, he started giving it to other cats who were once in his position. Wilkinson said:

“Everybody that needs a little nurturing, I find them hugging Humphrey.”

Humphrey absolutely loves handing out hugs around the sanctuary, he’s even been able to warm the heart of “Angry Benny.”

Warming hearts

Like Humphrey, Benny was also too scared to open up to love. Being a feral cat, Benny also was very wary of humans.

But Humphrey’s understanding and loving nature as a peaceful warrior was able to break through all that. Humphrey was the only one he would accept some kind of affection from.

While Benny isn’t allowing full hugs from Humphrey, he does let Humphrey put his paw on his back to comfort him and that’s a lot more than he allows from anyone else. Wilkinson shared;

“He’s like a little love magnet, I don’t know what it is.”

Since Humphrey did so well with the other cats, he became the official Hands of Mercy nurturer. Instead of being adopted, he lives at the sanctuary as an official employee who spends his days giving back the love he has received.

You can find more pictures of Humphrey cuddling his cat buddies on Wilkinson’s Facebook page.

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