This adorable special needs kitty looks like a cross between a potato and a bunny

Would you want a potato as a pet? Well, a woman named Giselle did. That’s why she adopted a 3 lbs. stumpy-legged cat that looks like a cross between a potato, bunny, and a cat.

She named the cat named Potato, initially Giselle hadn’t felt ready to adopt a cat, let alone a cat with special needs.

But something inside her told her that she was up for the task and could give the kitty a happy home, despite her special needs. Plus, Potato is far too cute to resist.

Short and sweet

Potato is a super stout and tiny cat. She weighs just 3 lbs. and has very short limbs since all of her joints and spine aren’t correctly formed.

Giselle says she was very nervous about bringing Potato home and making sure all her needs were cared for. She had to make some modifications to her home so that Potato could be kept safe.

She had to create a special little ramp out of towels to keep Potato safe in the bathtub and also turned her home office into Potato’s room. This way, she could keep an eye on her via a camera when she had to leave the house.

Eventually, Potato’s got to the point where she required surgery, Giselle was terrified for her little Potato that day.

But thankfully, everything went well. Potato pretty much now runs the household.

Running with the big dogs

Giselle told The Dodo:

“Now she’s kind of taken over. She’s the small dog in the big dog yard, and she loves it. She doesn’t care,”

Potato loves to run and chase after her dog and cat siblings and it’s the cutest thing you could ever witness. Giselle shared:

“It is quite an amazing maneuver when she chases her brother Jack around the house, “He is very well aware that she is a 3 lbs. cat chasing after him.

I’ll even watch him slow down and kind of turn around and wait for her to catch up and keep running.”

As Potato’s personality has grown, so has her heart. She loves to snuggle and will stand on mom’s feet when she wants to be picked up for a cuddle. Giselle explained:

“I honestly didn’t think she would ever be to this level. She’s inspiring. I mean, it’s awesome to watch her,

I’m very grateful that I get to spend time with and to be her advocate and care for her.”

You can check out more of Potato’s adventures on her Instagram page.

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