A long-lost cat miraculously reunited with his family after NINE years apart

A cat’s desertion ended with an unexpected outcome. On Sunday, August 14, 2022, Bouda, a 12-year-old cat, found his family again after almost a decade of separation.

Nine years ago, the cat was reported missing in Saint-Trojan-Les-Bains of Charente-Maritime, France. Boudha hadn’t been seen since the fall of 2013, a time when the cat’s owners uprooted to Dolus from Saint-Trojan.

Reuniting with a lost pet is an emotional moment for any family, especially when they have given up hope of retrieving the pet. Those who have experienced the devastating loss of a cat often cling to outlandish stories like this one to cope with their grief.

According to France Bleu, Boudha was only three years old at the time of his evasion. His owners, Pascal  Bourret, and his wife, used to live seaside in Saint-Trojan-Les-Bains before they moved to a nearby neighborhood.

However, the rescue cat, originally from a tropical island, struggled with the change. Hence, he ran away a few weeks after the move.

No one could find the missing puss despite his ID microchip. At last, Boudha’s heartbroken owners came to terms with the fact that they would never see him again.

Over the years, the nomadic couple had a few more relocations and finally settled in Cherbonnieres, Charente-Maritime.

The lost cat never left his town

Nine years after fleeing, Boudha the cat was rescued by a shelter in the same neighborhood where he vanished. Nobody knows how he survived these past nine years, but he did.

A refuge volunteer named Elodie Mendez and her young son spotted the animal inside a carrier topped by a towel in the middle of the road. Boudha had presumably spent three days in the crate under the burning sun.

lost cat left in sun
A local found the cat on the street.Pic credit: @marieclaire.penot.7/Facebook

Once the senior cat reached the shelter, the staff read his ID chip and looked for Pascal Bourret. Unfortunately, as Bourret had changed addresses and numbers, the chip was no longer up-to-date.

Still, the shelter persevered, posting messages on their social media accounts. Ultimately, they reached the cat’s owner, who gasped at the unbelievable news.  

On August 14, Pascal and his wife traveled from Cherbonnières to the Saint-Georges-d’Oléron shelter to find their pet Boudha.

If the cat survived his misfortunes, his health, on the other took a severe hit. The moggy required intensive veterinarian care.

While Boudha waits for the results of the veterinary exams, he will now have the full support of a loving family. Besides, his owner Pascal, can’t wait for the tabby’s recovery to make up for the lost time.

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