Rescue cat had to have all her teeth removed and now has a permanent ‘blep’

Luna was rescued along with her mother (who has since sadly passed away) when she was one-year-old.

In an interview with Cattitude Daily, her owner Lucy said that when she fist adopted Luna she was incredibly shy and scared of people.

“The first time I met her she wouldn’t come out and scratched my hand to pieces. I knew then and there how much she needed a loving home and signed the adoption papers that day.

Lucy, Cattidue Daily, 2022.

As time went on and Luna adjusted to her new forever home with Lucy, she started to come out of her shell.

She’s still wary of strangers, but with Lucy she has transformed into a loving cuddle bug.

Long haired brown tabby with tongue sticking out.
Luna looking very satisfied cuddling up to her cat mom Lucy. Pic credit: @lunableps/Instagram.

No teeth, no problem

In 2021, at four-years-old, Luna had to get all of her teeth removed as a result of a virus she contracted when she was younger.

Luna is also quite small for her age, Lucy describes her as “almost kitten like in size”.

This could point to Luna’s rough start in life with her deceased mother Sunny before they were found.

If a kitten or it’s mother doesn’t have access to nutritional food, it can lead to stunted growth as the kitten grows into an adult.

Still, Luna doesn’t let her lack of teeth or small stature get her down.

She’s still a rambunctious little kitty who stole Lucy’s heart.

Queen of ‘bleps’

As a result of all her teeth being taken out, Luna has a permanent ‘blep’, meaning that her tongue is always sticking out of her mouth.

Long haired brown tabby with her tongue sticking out
She doesn’t have any teeth left to contain her tongue. Pic credit: @lunableps/Instagram.

Her tongue sticks out even when she’s meowing!

Thankfully, other than causing her to look adorable, she has no other health complications from her lack of teeth.

After Luna’s mother died, she became even more attached to Lucy and soaked up all the attention she could get.

But Lucy isn’t complaining.

She is also [sic] my shadow and follows me everywhere around the house. I would be lost without her.

Lucy, Cattitude Daily, 2022.

Luna is just another example of how rewarding it can be to adopt a cat in need.

She continues to brings joy to Lucy, and to her followers on Instagram, every day.

Long haired brown tabby looking up with a blep
Such a cutie! Pic credit: @lunableps/Instagram.
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