A man rescued a lost cat that survived a snowstorm and gave him a loving new home

Last November 2021 in Alberta, Canada, Max Adams participated in the Movember men’s health initiative. While on a 60 km hike in the cold, he discovered a lost cat in a tree.

In a viral video posted on YouTube, Max explains how he had a difficult fifteen months personally and how encountering this cat captured his heart.

He describes his backstory of how he had a rough year. Max’s grandfather passed away from cancer and then he found out that his best friend had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Not a normal hike

When Max came across him, the fluffy, striped tabby cat was ferociously meowing for help, so Max rescued him from the tree and took him back with him on the trail.

In the video, Max walks on the road among the farmlands with the adorable lost cat perched on his shoulders. The kitten is quite talkative, meowing constantly.

The kitty was very happy to have been found but Max was determined to find the kitten’s family.

Bonding on the trail

At moments when the cat gets restless, Max lets the cat down on the ground, and the ball of fur happily follows behind him.

Max suffered traumatic news the past year, so seeing this cat, who also sustained some unforeseen circumstances, made him connect with the feline on common ground.

This big-eyed tabby cat brightened his days while out on the Movember initiative. The lost cat is quite the fighter as he survived the wild for four days in the cold.

Eventually, Max’s determination to get the kitty back to their home paid off and he found the family of the lost cat. However, what happened next took him by surprise.

A gray tabby cat standing in snow at the foot of a hiker.
Hytch is rescued by Max while on the trail. Pic credit: @TheDodoSite/YouTube

It’s kismet

Max explains in the video that the family had lost the cat during a severe winter storm. The family searched for three days with no luck and assumed the worst.

Thinking the cat was prey to the wild, they quickly adopted a new family cat. This unexpected turn of events turned into fate for Max.

Max and his new companion were meant to be together. He named the cat Hytch.

Hytch found a new home with Max as his dad but his previous family still keeps in touch to see how Hytch is doing.

A man wearing sunglasses with a tabby cat riding on his shoulder outside in the snow.
Hytch gets a ride on Max’s shoulders while on the trail. Pic Credit: @TheDodoSite/YouTube

Lessons learned

Max and Hytch were brought into each other’s lives through unfavorable circumstances but from each other’s pain, they formed an instant bond.

Where you start in life may not end in the way you expect, so you just have to go with the flow.

What did you think of this inspiring story? Did it resonate with you?

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