These three intrepid kitties travel the world with their owner

Spongecake, Donut, and Mocha are three adventurous cats who have become world travelers. Dan Nguyen, the cats’ owner, began documenting their urban adventures and posting them on the social network TikTok.

New Yorker Dan and his wife Olivia enjoy traveling, they are nomads at heart, having visited the US, Europe, and Asia. Besides exploring new places, Dan’s favorite aspect of these vacations is bringing his three cats along.

Very adventurous cats

Sponge Cake, the Scottish Fold, and the British shorthairs Mocha and Donut have all accompanied their globe-trotting owners on their trips.

The feline trio grabbed the hearts of netizens when Olivia and Dan started posting their travels online, their popular TikTok account now has over 198,000 followers.

A recent video showing the cats in Venice, Italy, which can be viewed here, has gone viral, garnering over fourteen million views.

Other videos show that these felines have a voracious desire for adventure. The cats are seen roaming through busy streets, accepting strangers’ pets, and climbing trees.

In the beginning, Dan used to keep his cats in a carrier when he went for a weekly stroll in the park, but he noticed that the pets would poke their heads out to observe their surroundings. Nguyen told Newsweek:

“When I first took my cats to Central Park here in New York City, I noticed that they were curious about the outside world but cautious at the same time,”

To foster his pets’ curiosity and spend more time with them outside, the lawyer originally planned expeditions around New York City.

As time passed, it became evident that the cats had a great time exploring new places, with Donut even wanting to go outside every day. According to Nguyen:

“That’s when we thought about taking them traveling with us so that we could continue to see them exploring new things,”

The kittens’ first out-of-town trip was to the Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, although the family didn’t enter the theme park. Soon, other journeys followed.

Traveling with pets

Dan is well aware of the supplementary costs and arrangements required to travel with cats, but he doesn’t mind.

As he noted in his video, the couple may always earn money back, but they will never again be thirty-somethings traveling with their beloved pets. Still, Dan acknowledged the challenging process, saying:

“Traveling with cats seems daunting. It does take a good amount of preparation,”

Before leaving for a foreign destination, the Nguyens research extensively. They inquire about paperwork for kitties to enter the country.

Likewise, the New Yorker is frequently asked online for advice on traveling with cats. Thus, Dan has diligently offered tips, from how to board a flight with your pets to what documentation you may need.

The lawyer, explains that:

 “Traveling with cats also necessitates larger suitcases to transport pet supplies such as cat food, litter, toys, scratchers, and so on,”

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is a fan of the feline trio, having recently published a snap of the daring three on her Instagram stories.

On top of his expeditions, Dan is self-publishing a book, “Adventure Cats: How to Train Your Cats for Outside Adventures.

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