This Dwarf cat’s perpetual frowning face says everything about her cattitude

Widget is a curmudgeon-faced dwarf kitty with all the “cattitude” you’d expect from a feline who wears a perpetual frown. And her mom, Michelle Roberts, wouldn’t change a thing about her.

Neither would Widget. She’s the self-proclaimed “meanest 6.4-pound mother fluffer” around, according to her Instagram page, Widget was born as the runt of her litter that was being cared for at the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee.

Roberts, who is a foster volunteer for the rescue, fell in love with Widget’s “Grumpy Cat-like” face and the intense look of displeasure that the dwarf cat expressed when they first met. The older that Widget got, the more pronounced her frowny face became.

The perfect match

The Humane Society’s staff knew that Roberts was the perfect candidate to foster Widget since she would offer this sassy little squirt a lot of love. Plus, she could constantly send them updates.

Widget has flourished in Roberts’ care. Despite her small size, she likes to run around and has no fear when it comes to tackling the stairs, she also enjoys beating up pillows.

Though Roberts had set out to just be Widget’s foster mom, Widget decided that Roberts would be her full-time momma. So, Roberts, of course, adopted Widget. Roberts told LoveMeow:

“I have always said that a cat or a dog actually pick out their human instead of the other way around,”

Now, Roberts had someone to look upon her with disappointment every day. But this quirky-faced cat didn’t just offer looks of disapproval. She also had the attitude to back that grimace up. Roberts said:

“She will let you know exactly how she feels about everything. It’s crazy how that super frowny face can actually have 50 different emotions in under two minutes.”

Living on the edge

Widget now spends her days being her catty self in between taking naps. She runs the house and does what she wants when she wants with all the confidence in the world.

Though she only weighs 6.4 pounds, you’ll often find her picking fights with her siblings, and her little round frame somehow always makes lots of noise when she runs up and down the stairs.

Widget does have a softer side too. She also likes to play with crinkle balls and take naps in sunny spots on the floor.

But that mean mug really does say it all when it comes to Widget’s massive cattitude. Still, it’s so cute that she can get away with it.

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