A missing Siamese cat was discovered almost 300 miles from their home, how they traveled so far is still a mystery

A Siamese cat took advantage of her owner’s inattention to escape in Northern Wales. Following an unsuccessful search in his village, the moggy was discovered 280 miles away in Essex.

Ashley, a two-year-old cat, lived with Dan and Val Worsley in Glan Conwy, a community in County Borough, Wales. On April 15th, the kitty got out of her house by climbing through an open window.

The search

According to shop owner Dan, the cat allegedly got away when the maids left a bathroom window open after cleaning. To flee, the fearless feline jumped 15 feet to the ground below.

Meanwhile, her owners, Dan and Val, were under the impression that she was napping somewhere as usual. Thus, the couple did not initially notice Ashley had vanished.

Once they realized their pet’s absence, the Worsley turned to neighbors for assistance, everyone rallied around to search for Ashley.

In his interview, Dan Worsley revealed:

“The whole village, 4,000 people, were out looking for her, but not a trace. The longer it went, the more distraught we got; we thought we would never see her again.”

Ashley reappears far from home

Six days after her disappearance, Ashley was spotted in a North Stifford home belonging to a Carol Monk, thanks to the resident pet. Bobby, the dog, had sniffed out the furry intruder in the garage.

Subsequently, the puppy started scratching and crying relentlessly. Finally, faced with their pet’s insistence regarding the garage, Monk and her partner went to inspect the garage.

After they found the Siamese kitten, Carol Monk reached out to Pippa’s Army, a local organization working to reconnect missing dogs with their owners.

Karen Keeves, a volunteer at the association, scanned the cat for a microchip and she was the one who got in touch with Ashley’s owner in Wales.

Keeves placed a phone call to the Worsleys, letting them know that their cat was safe, Dan Worsley welcomed the news with relief. Later, he made the long trip to get her, beaming with excitement.

There is no clear explanation as to how Ashley was able to go across the entirety of England. However, Dan stated that he strongly suspected the cat had “jumped into the back of somebody’s vehicle and hitchhiked to Essex.”

While Dan was overjoyed to have his cat back, Ashley made a grumpy road companion, her owner shared that she moaned all the way home.

Perhaps all the miles she had traveled were finally catching up to Ashley.

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