Cat portrait gets into school yearbook

Cat who enjoys sneaking into school gets yearbook portrait shot on picture day

A curious school-obsessed cat managed to sneak into a class photoshoot. Subsequently, Ziggy made it to the final yearbook of Drury Primary School in Buckley, Flintshire, to the amazement of his owner. Students Megan and Chloe Roberts were excited to show their mother, Emma results of their school photo shoot. But, if the mom was … Read more

Mayhew shelter helps distressed pet owners

A British charity helps pet owners facing hardships keep their animals

An animal welfare association assist pet owners in precarious situations with taking care of their animals, so they don’t have to abandon them. Mayhew provides, food, shelter and community support to animals. Pets’ rejection is hitting an all-time high in some nations. But, alas, some owners don’t necessarily make this decision lightly. In reality, many … Read more

A tabby cat abandoned in a box

A woman and her dog in Wales found a cat left in a sealed box during a stroll in Wales

A woman out walking her dog came upon a cat that had been abandoned in a box covered with tape and locked from the outside. Afterward, a local animal rights group took care of the rescued animal.  Along with a request for witnesses to provide their testimony, an investigation ensued to find the culprit behind … Read more

A missing cat purr helps him return to owner find him

A British woman locates her long-missing cat after hearing his signature purr on the phone

By pure coincidence, a cat owner whose pet had been missing for eight months identified the cat’s voice during a conversation she was having with her veterinarian. This unbelievable circumstance led to the successful reunion of the puss and its owner in Braintree, Essex. Rachael Lawrence lost one of her house cats, Barnaby, some time … Read more

Larry from 10 Downing Street marks his territory

Larry the cat is seen outside 10 Downing Street following the new Prime minister’s announcement

The official residence of the British Prime Minister may have lost its previous occupant, but there’s one tenant who is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s Larry, the calico cat. After the announcement of the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, onlookers peer an unbothered Larry prowling in front of 10 Downing Street. Marking his … Read more

cat friends visit each other daily

A cat befriends a white kitten who returned to see him every day for two years

Two cats living in neighboring homes in Wales, UK, had a meet-cute and became friends. So for two years straight, one of the pusses would come every day to visit the other. It’s almost impossible not to become emotional during such a heartwarming get-together! Conrad, the kitten, lives in Wales with his owner and another … Read more

Charlie the cat steals socks

‘Mastermind’ behind town’s sock thefts turns out to be a cat

Since early summer, a town has been hit by an alarmingly high number of burglaries. Yet, astonishingly, no valuables were stolen: only residents’ socks seem to vanish for no apparent reason. Finally, the culprit has been found, although he’s too cute to be brought to justice. Indeed, a ginger and white cat named Charlie is … Read more

A Highland Lynx/Ragdoll cross cat sits on the grass.

This underweight and depressed rescue cat transformed into a fearless adventuring feline

Ragnar is a stunning-looking cat whose striking appearance is the result of breeding between a Highland Lynx and a Ragdoll. The beautiful cat lives a charmed life thanks to its owner. Despite appearances, Ragnar didn’t always look like the healthy cat that he currently is, the events of his past existence have affected the cat … Read more