A neighbor films a mourning cat’s poignant routine after its owner died.

Even after his owner passed away some months ago, a cat continues to wait outside the window for his owner to open it so that he can come inside. A neighbor recorded a mesmerizing video showing the sweet gesture has gone viral.

In December of 2021, an older man who had resided in Heinrichsberg, a municipality located around 60 kilometers west of Vienna, Austria, passed away. The departed man shared a home with his wife and their cat on the first floor of a residential building.

Since his master’s disappearance, the feline has been living with the late owner’s widow in another apartment on the second level of the same building.

Months after his human’s death, the quadruped returns to the apartment they lived in and observes the charming routine they shared.

Before his owner passed, the cat would take afternoon strolls in the neighborhood. Then, when the cat returned from his daily promenade and was ready to go home, he would stay on the windowsill until his owner let him in.

Now, even though his owner is no longer around, the cat still comes back to the windowsill where he used to wait for his owner.

A next-door neighbor across the street noticed the moggy on the sill. After observing him for days, the resident realized the puss kept coming day after day.

The cat’s touching routine warmed people’s hearts

Moved by the faithfulness of the cat, this neighbor taped the tomcat and uploaded a video of the routine on TikTok on August 14 under the username @jgbd.dolzer21. This video shows the cat sitting at the windows as seasons change, a symbol of his regularity.


Even before the owner’s passing, he always wait for his owner to open the window everyday so he can come in. Its their daily routine 😢💔 #cat #catsoftiktok #fyp #memories

♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

The clip garnered many views and raving opinions. Netizens were touched by the feline’s homage to his owner.

User @re Loni Heeseung commented:

“It is painful to lose a pet, but I don’t know if it’s more painful for me to see the owner need to go first before the pets. They also grieve for us. 🥺”

@matiasnegri added:

“I didn’t want to cry today.”

Some viewers were concerned about the cat’s state, but the video’s original poster reacted by assuring them that the cat was in good hands and doing well.

To this response, User @purplecherrypoker reacted by writing:

“😢😢😢😢 I’m glad he’s gotten in and is being cared for. This still broke me. I swear I care for animals more than people.

So far, the video has reached 820,000 views and countless likes.

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