Throwback pictures of a late cat with her then-teenaged owner in the 1980s, melt hearts

A woman’s trip down memory lane is making social media swoon. Photos of mother Lori with the family cat Misty quickly went viral after her daughter Lisa posted them on Reddit.

Lisa Drouillard from Taylor, Michigan, found some heartwarming pictures while looking through old photo albums with her grandmother. Her treasured findings include seven photos of Misty the house cat and her mom Lori Drouillard.

Relationship goals

The photographs date back from 1983 to 1985 and capture the special bond between cat and owner. Touched by the pics, Lisa shared them on the subreddit r/cats with the title My mom and her cat are relationship goals.

In the images, you can see Misty and a teenage Lori lounging on the sofa or frolicking together. Finally, a picture depicts Lori asleep in bed with Misty curled against her owner’s back.

Drouillard told Newsweek that when her mother was 14, she and her family adopted a kitten named Misty. The tabby cat stood out from the rest of the litter because she had shown the most independence.

It didn’t take long for Misty to get attached to Lisa’s mother, and the pussy cat soon began accompanying her owner wherever she went.

The duo’s pictures go viral

Lisa herself has fond memories of her mom’s cat. She remembers Misty being there, stating:

” I remember being a kid, and Misty and I would both have French toast together on the weekends at my grandma’s house,” she said

The family celebrated the tabby’s birthday with a cake each year. Besides, Misty was fond of snack time with little Lisa. The woman added:

” she loved when I shared Nacho cheese Doritos with her. She was the best chonk.”

 Drouillard’s pictures were a sensation on the Reddit forum, racking up thousands of votes after three days. Users lauded the connection between the cat and Lori Drouillard.

@Kitty_fluffybutt_23 wrote:

These pictures totally warmed my heart… the purest love I’ve seen on here. Resonated with me a lot, just lost my best kitty friend I’ve ever had and I feel so lost without her.

Compassionate users supposed that Lisa’s mother was probably devastated when Misty the cat passed away. Lisa agreed, noting that the puss lived for sixteen years.

Another user remarked,

Lisa Drouillard is thrilled by the heartwarming response her posts got, even though her less tech-savvy mother didn’t really see what the fuss was about.

Like many parents, Lori Drouillard hasn’t heard a thing about Reddit and tends to limit her social media interaction to Facebook. Generational divide, Aw!

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