A woman caring for kittens rescued from a hoarding situation forms an inseparable bond with one cat from the litter

In a TikTok video post by Julia Morse in October 2020, she chronicles her efforts to assist a bunch of rescued kittens adjust and heal after a harrowing ordeal. Out of fifteen kittens saved, she formed an inseparable bond with one special feline.

Tender loving care

One ginger cat of the bunch remained in terrible shape.He showed signs of dehydration, infection, and malnourishment. As a result the kitten moved into isolation.

Volunteer Julia spoon-fed the little feline and provided much-needed tender loving care. Days turned into weeks, and Julia developed a strong bond with the ginger cat named Rocky.

Rocky’s skin, coat, and condition improved. He grew strong enough to move into the main shelter with the other cats.

Inseparable bond

Rocky not only grew more robust physically, but he also grew quite attached to his guardian angel Julia. Rocky and Julia’s bond intensified as Rocky would find a way to climb onto Julia’s shoulder and stay put.

Julia learned to adapt to Rocky’s “stuck-like-glue” routine every time she volunteered at the shelter. They became inseparable.


Im sorry for the graphic content but i had to share. #help #helpthisgoviral #awareness #kittens #saved #love

♬ Falling – Trevor Daniel

One big happy family

By the start of 2021, Julia could no longer deny the inevitable. She adopted Rocky and welcomed him as part of her family with her husband Mark and fellow rescue cat Mat.

Husband Mark and tabby cat Mat received Rocky warmly right away. Tabby cat Mat was thrilled to have a baby brother and a sibling with whom he could play and cuddle.

Wrap up

When volunteer worker Julia helped recover and heal one extremely sick kitten, she never realized her efforts would turn into something extraordinary.

With an instant connection and much tender loving care, one woman’s dedication and effort helped transform a sickly kitten into a healthy feline ready to make his mark as part of her family unit.

Ginger cat lays on the bed ready to play
Rocky lays comfortably on the bed, ready to play. Pic Credit:@pajanimal/TikTok

As much as you’d like to believe humans choose pets. This story shows that sometimes the opposite is true.

Your perfect match can end up choosing you right back. Rocky “stuck-like-glue” to Julia and never let go.

He has become part of her family with a new dad and brother. Rocky has brought a newfound love and joy into this household.

You can follow Julia, Mark, Mat, and Rocky and see what they are up to on TikTok.

Did this heartwarming story resonate with you? Do you have an inseparable bond with your pet too?

Do you believe animals choose humans? Share your thoughts.

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