Bengal begs to take home stray kitten he meets on a walk with dad

When Missenell of Denmark went for a walk with his cat Gilbert, he never thought they’d come back with a new kitten. But Gilbert fell in love with the little stray they came across.

It was pretty much a done deal from that point on. That cat was coming home with them. Gilbert and his dad go for regular walks throughout the week.

But one day, on their walk, they spotted a tiny little kitten hiding under a bush. The kitten was frightened and ran to find another spot to hide.

Love at first sight

But Gilbert wasn’t going to give up. He needed to know who this beautiful kitten was.

So, he tried to give her a little nose kiss through the gate she was hiding behind.

It must have been a case of true love’s first kiss because that kitten became enamored by Gilbert and wouldn’t leave his side.

Missenell said it was “love at first sight.” The kitten, however, wasn’t too sure about Gilbert’s human. She would hiss at him when he got too close.

After a while, the kitten allowed her new friends to give her a bath, take her to the vet, and give her lots of yummy food.

The kitty began to trust Gilbert’s humans and liked to be petted by them. As time went on, the kitty was old enough to where she could be adopted.

But Gilbert wasn’t about to let that happen. He didn’t want her to go anywhere. So, the kitty was introduced to the other resident cat named Nelly.

Gilbert doted over the kitten and would come running if she made any type of sound. Gilbert was constantly checking on her.

How to be a cat

“Gilbert likes to protect Nala and teach her how to be a cat,” Missenell told Love Meow.

It wasn’t long before all three cats became best buds. The kitten was named Nala and made an official part of the family. Now Nala even loves her humans.

“She is one of the most loving creatures in this world. She is so affectionate, playful, and cute. She loves to be cuddled, meows a lot (silent meows),” Missenell said.

Though she’s no longer a stray, she still has some outdoor cat tendencies.

“My guess is leaves were her only toys to play with when she was living on the streets,” Missenell said. “Nala loves food, and she can’t get enough of it. She used to be very possessive over her food because she had to fight for it to survive before we found her.”

But now Nala knows that she’s safe and among people that love her. She’s very happy to be a part of this family. You can follow this cat family on Instagram @missenell and on Facebook at @missenell.

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