Jojo the jogging cat runs for a good cause

Jogging Cat runs miles to raise money and serves as an inspiration to children worldwide

A cat and its family raise money for felines by completing virtual runs. The cat’s athletic endeavors have earned him the name The Jogging cat. Two-and-a-half-year-old cat Tiger JoJo lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with his owners, Christine and Leif Johansson. Christine and Leif’s five-year-old granddaughter named the kitty. The ginger puss is a mix of … Read more

Bayley the cat loves owner's daughters

Woman’s rescue cat Bailey became daughter’s playmate

In 2004, a young woman took in a ginger cat in her college dorm. A decade later, after many tribulations, the cat is her daughter’s unconditional friend. Erin Merryn was a student when she found a stray kitten. Moved by the ginger kitty, she hid him in her dormitory even though pets were not allowed … Read more

Ginger momma cat and four ginger kittens.

These “Golden Girls” momma cat and four kittens were very rare

Lori White, a foster kitten mom for ARPO, had a big surprise coming: a beautiful ginger momma cat and her litter of four ginger kittens were on their way to her foster home. Discovery in the basement These cats were found in the basement of a vacant home by someone who had come to clean … Read more

ginger kitten sits on should of woman in white lab coat

A woman caring for kittens rescued from a hoarding situation forms an inseparable bond with one cat from the litter

In a TikTok video post by Julia Morse in October 2020, she chronicles her efforts to assist a bunch of rescued kittens adjust and heal after a harrowing ordeal. Out of fifteen kittens saved, she formed an inseparable bond with one special feline. Tender loving care One ginger cat of the bunch remained in terrible … Read more

A ginger cat sits in a car with two people and three teenager.

This cheeky cat gatecrashed her family’s road trip by stowing away in their camper van!

Delilah the cat surprised her family when they discovered that she had snuck into their camper van to join them on their road trip. The family of five; Andrea Scholten, her husband, and their three children were traveling to the EAA AirVenture 2022 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when they discovered that their ginger kitty Delilah had … Read more

Woman holds a tiny ginger kitten in a towel.

Locals rescue a kitten from a river and find him a loving family

A kitten that became stuck in a river prompted the responses of two charitable organizations. Both organizations worked together to save the kitty and find him a family. Members of the small community didn’t hesitate to get wet in order to help. After his ordeal, the cat received adequate care. According to The Anglo-Celt, the … Read more

A ginger cat and dog lie together on a bed.

Missing cat is overjoyed to be reunited with German Shepherd bestie

Clyde the cat and Triton the German Shepard are the two bestest friends that anyone could ever have. That’s why Clyde was utterly overjoyed to be reunited with Triton after going missing for almost two weeks. Clyde’s family was worried sick and had no idea if they would ever see Clyde again when their cat … Read more

An orange tabby cat with a cleft palate.

Smush is an internet star- who uses her fame to spread the love

Smush the cat was rescued when she was found on the side of the road as a kitten. She was brought to a local animal hospital, and a veterinary student named Lindsey ended up taking her home after hearing that the only other option besides full-time care was to euthanize her. Smush needed to be … Read more