A woman in Japan who is allergic to cats makes it her mission to rescue a kitten in a ditch

In a heartwarming YouTube video, a woman in Japan driving on her way to work noticed a kitten trapped in a ditch. Despite being allergic to cats, she made it her mission to rescue the timid feline from a ditch.

In the video, good Samaritan Clare recounts how she came to rescue the baby cat and bring her home. Clare and her girlfriend never planned on adopting a cat; however, fate had other plans.

Kitten rescue

When Clare saw this tabby kitten, later named Claddagh, in a ditch, she was so skittish and would run away anytime Clare approached. So Clare decided to give the kitten a breather and time.

After a few hours, Clare could see the kitten remained in the exact location after returning from her job. Clare hatched a plan to capture the kitten.

She set up cardboard boxes on both ends of the ditch to prevent the kitten from running away. With patience and coaxing her with food, Clare’s plan worked.

She captured the cat. Fortunately, her efforts helped save the 5-week-old kitten from imminent death.

Clare’s girlfriend, Miho, was also receptive to bringing the cat into their home. Upon bringing Claddagh home, Claddagh adapted quickly and made herself right at home.

She was so happy to have found her new forever home. Due to Clare’s allergies, she had to sleep separately from Claddagh and constantly wash her hands dozens of times throughout the day.

Clare was willing to sacrifice her comfort to benefit Claddagh in their lives.

One’s not enough

After adopting Claddagh, the couple thought it would be beneficial if Claddagh had a playmate. Coincidently, their neighbor had a litter of four kittens looking for a new home.

The couple had the clever idea of bringing Claddagh to visit the kittens. This way, she could help choose which kitten would be her next playmate.

Kitten Murphy joined the family next. Although Claddagh and Murphy seemed to get along well, it took her about two weeks to adjust to her new environment.

two tabby cats bond together
Claddagh (left) and Murphy bond together at home. Pic Credit:@TheDodoSite/YouTube

Foster fail

Clare recounts how they believed they were done adopting cats, and then something happened. Clare’s girlfriend Miho discovered a cat trying to survive that needed help.

Miho sent a picture of the ailing cat that needed help. She wanted to take him in and help him temporarily.

They welcomed him into their home with Clare’s approval and nicknamed him Mr. Meow Meow. His personality meshed well with their second cat Murphy.

Their foster cat Mr. Meow Meow turned into a foster failure, and the couple decided to keep Mr. Meow Meow permanently. The couple rescued three cats in four months despite Clare’s cat allergies.

white cat playing with pink toy
Foster fail, Mr. Meow Meow finds his place at home with his parents, enjoying some playtime. Pic Credit:@TheDodoSite/YouTube

Lesson learned

A woman allergic to cats in Japan never imagined she’d be a parent to three cats with her girlfriend. However, fate had other plans.

The pair’s spontaneous lifestyle is now a thing of the past. Now Clare and Miho are happy cat parents to three adorable felines and consider themselves homebodies.

All the felines’ personalities meld well together, and they can look forward to making a lifetime of memories together. Making the personal sacrifice to cope with her allergies to give three cats a better life is a testament to Clare’s big heart and compassion for animals.

What did you think of this heartwarming story? Have you made personal sacrifices for your pets at home?

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