Cat becomes a foster fail when she falls in love with a dog

Maggie is a cat who doesn’t care much for other cats or people. But when it comes to Coco, her favorite dog, she’s absolutely in love!

Jennifer, Maggie and Coco’s owner, describes the pair as “a couple.” Maggie is definitely the most cuddly of the two. In a video by the Dodo, Jennifer says:

“She’s so obsessed with Coco. She would try to love on him 24/7. Coco would be like, ‘Maggie, I’m over it.’ And she wouldn’t stop, ‘cause she’s very needy.”

Thankfully, Maggie’s love is not unrequited. Coco can show his love when he wants. Jennifer says:

“But Coco–when he wants to show affection, he will start licking her until she looks like she took a bath.”

That must be so slobbery and messy, but Maggie loves it anyway!

Love at first sight

Jennifer runs the WoofNMeow Dog & Cat Rescue, helping many stray cats and dogs who are sick, injured, or in need of a loving home. She first found Maggie when she was a shy stray cat in the neighborhood, and she took Maggie in to foster her.

Jennifer tried to introduce Maggie to other cats. Even though she was fine with them, she didn’t really want to play or bond with them.

But when Jennifer introduced Maggie to her dogs, something clicked. Maggie was much more interested in them, especially in Coco. Jennifer says:

“The moment Maggie met Coco she came straight to him and started wanting him to sniff her.”

From that moment, it was true love. Now Maggie follows Coco around everywhere. She will not let anyone else sit next to him but her, squeezing in between them if she has to. Even when Coco wants some alone time in him kennel, Maggie always wants to join him. Jennifer says:

“It does not matter where Coco’s at. She’ll squeeze herself in with him. It’s like she knows that she’s safe, that Coco has her back.”

Black and white cat sits between a dog and another cat on a couch
Maggie won’t let anyone but herself sit next to Coco. Pic credit: @woofnmeow2020/TikTok

Feeling safe and loved

Now that Maggie feels safe with Coco, she has started to be more comfortable around Jennifer too. Jennifer can touch her a little bit, but usually only when she’s near “her man” and feeling extra secure. Jennifer says:

“I think Coco helped her a lot as far as getting out of her shell.”

Now that Maggie was getting more comfortable around people, Jennifer was planning to find another home for the foster cat.

But on July 15th, Jennifer announced on TikTok that Maggie was officially a foster fail. She had decided to adopt the cat so she wouldn’t be separated from Coco. Now this adorable couple can stay together forever.


Replying to @selahbb Maggie has been adopted!🥳 CoCo did NOT want to end this relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️ #dogsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #adoptedcat #fosterfail #catrescuer #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #catlover

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