Black cat with golden eyes

Cat who needed extra care for his health complications became a foster fail

Marv the cat turned one year old recently. Usually a foster cat would have left his foster home and been adopted into his forever home by now, but Marv was a special case: he was a foster fail. His foster mom, Ella, put a lot of effort into helping him become healthy, and she ended … Read more

tabby kitten in lap of owner

A woman in Japan who is allergic to cats makes it her mission to rescue a kitten in a ditch

In a heartwarming YouTube video, a woman in Japan driving on her way to work noticed a kitten trapped in a ditch. Despite being allergic to cats, she made it her mission to rescue the timid feline from a ditch. In the video, good Samaritan Clare recounts how she came to rescue the baby cat … Read more

Labrador plays with a black and white cat

Cat becomes a foster fail when she falls in love with a dog

Maggie is a cat who doesn’t care much for other cats or people. But when it comes to Coco, her favorite dog, she’s absolutely in love! Jennifer, Maggie and Coco’s owner, describes the pair as “a couple.” Maggie is definitely the most cuddly of the two. In a video by the Dodo, Jennifer says: “She’s … Read more