Abandoned stray kitten is so happy to have a home she became its ‘supervisor’

Nannah, an abandoned stray kitten, was overjoyed to find a home filled with loving parents and siblings. That’s why she eagerly took on the role as “supervisor.” She watches over everyone in the house.

Nannah was found all by herself, without a mother or siblings, when she was just 5-weeks-old. The kind person who found her fed the kitten and tried to find an organization that could help her.

Nannah was barely a pound when she was brought to Chatons Orphelins Montreal. Though this tiny kitten was underweight and had stomach issues, she was totally fearless.

Part of the foster family

She was social with her handlers and even loudly purred her way through a visit to the vet. Volunteers Anais, Manon, and Eva agreed to take turns fostering Nannah until she was healthy and weaned.

Not only was Nannah in a place where she could be safe and healthy, but she also got to hang out with other cats and dogs.

Nannah quickly made a place for herself among the new group. She loved roughhousing with cats three times the size. She also is very curious when it comes to the dogs and likes to keep tabs on them.

“She always goes to them and needs to be around them. She wants to know what they are doing and is a bit of a diva herself,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal told Love Meow.

Thanks to her fellow catmates, Nannah learned how to eat all by herself by watching them. They also taught her boundaries.

“She may be the smallest one in the house, but she is the most feisty little princess,” Crom said.

The supervisor

Nannah has also become very attached to her humans. She considers herself a “supervisor” of sorts.

She likes to watch them from afar and then slowly sneak up on them. Nannah then loses all sense of personal space.

She gets up in their faces and looks over whatever task they are currently working on. Privacy has become obsolete in her house.

That’s because Nannah has to keep track of everything they do. Especially when someone is on the computer. She likes to “help” them by prancing around the keyboard.

The rescue center has decided that she is the “boss of the kitties” and “queen of the house.”

Nannah was still in her Canadian foster home at 9 weeks. She’ll likely be there for a little bit longer until she’s ready to be adopted.

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