Volunteer takes daily naps with his shelter cats and they love him for it

Terry quickly became Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary’s favorite volunteer after coming in with his own brush, ready to groom cats. But his daily naps with the rescue’s cats are what really sealed his deal as a volunteer extraordinaire.

Terry just walked into the cage-free sanctuary and rehabilitation center one day asking if he could volunteer. He offered to brush the rescue’s cats, which all have special needs.

Six months later and Terry was at the sanctuary every single day, giving those cats the love and affection they need. Volunteers like Terry are responsible for getting the cats used to interacting with people.

Terry’s special touch

Terry has provided comfort and companionship to every single cat that live in the sanctuary. And he knows everything about each cat.

Terry knows what each cat loves and what they hate. He makes sure to say hello to each and every one of them every day. He treats all the cats at the rescue like they are his special friend.

You’ll often find Tarry cozied up on the sanctuary’s cozy couches with his kitty friends giving them a nice brush over. And sometimes, well, pretty much every day, you’ll see Terry slipping off into a snooze.

Terry doesn’t mean to doze off on purpose. It just happens. And who can blame him? Sitting on those big soft couches surrounded by soothing purring sounds.

“Terry sleeps on accident like … every single day here,” Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary’s founder Elizabeth Feldhausen told The Dodo. “The cats love when he falls asleep, they always steal his body heat and sleep with him. I think he makes them feel safe.” 

Now Terry’s naps have become a part of the daily routine at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. And the cats love it!

Grandpa Terry the Cat Grandpa

The kitties snuggle right up to Terry every time he drifts away into Dreamland. Even the rescue’s staff appreciate Terry’s nap time.

Technically he’s still helping to socialize the cats and making them feel safe and trusting toward humans.

“Cats need this! He spends equal time with all the cats,” Feldhausen said. “Terry is a wonderful volunteer.”

Terry’s unique style of volunteerism is also helping Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in more ways than one. Terry’s story went viral after the sanctuary posted some pictures of his daily snoozefest.

That’s when he earned the nickname “Grandpa Terry” a.k.a. “Cat Grandpa.” Because of his newfound internet fame, the rescue decided to create calendars and mugs to sell to raise money.

They ended up raising $62,000 for the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. So, if anyone ever tells you that napping isn’t productive, just tell them about Grandpa Terry the Cat Grandpa.

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