Two stubborn cats have been trying to sneak past guards and into an art museum for two years

Some people just can’t live without art. At least that’s the case for two cats who spent more than two years trying to get into a Japanese art museum.

Unfortunately, being cats and all, these two felines weren’t able to pay for tickets to get into the museum. But that didn’t matter to them.

They still tried to get in anyway. And they kept trying. And trying. And trying.

Two cats on a mission

The ginger cat and his black cat buddy would be shooed away by museum guards every time for more than two years.

Ironically, the neighborhood cats first appeared a few days after “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition” opened at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art.

The black cat first entered through the museum’s sliding glass door but was quickly ushered back outside by a guard.

The act of intrusion was captured by Twitter user @mukusuke, who posted the photos online in June 2016, according to The Dodo

It turned out to be great publicity for the exhibit. That same cat, who is named Ken Chan, reappeared the following March.

But this time, the guard was right in front of the door. He tried to slip through the guard’s legs, but that didn’t quite work.

For the love of art

Ken Chan decided to tag team the museum’s staff and brought in his ginger tabby friend Gosaku, a.k.a. Go-Chan, a.k.a Tea Tiger. But he didn’t get through either.

But these two cats LOVE art. And they weren’t going to let a few guys in suits stop them from getting to that art.

The cats have become regulars at the museum and try to gain entry by charming the staff several times a week. They still haven’t gotten in yet.

But at least they get pets and some ear scratches. They’ve also managed to become art itself, which may have been their plan all along.

The museum’s gift shop ended up featuring the cats on tote bags that are sold in their gift shop. The museum also will often Tweets out photos of their favorite wannabe visitors.

“We occasionally tweet the cat snaps around the art museum that the staff shot, sometimes tea tiger and occasionally black cat have been trying to enter from the door two or three times a week,” a museum employee told Yahoo Japan.

Just because Ken Chan and Go-Chan haven’t gotten into the museum yet, doesn’t mean they never will!

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