An injured kitten inspired this company to change its product design and make a difference in the lives of animals

In a touching video post on YouTube, Laura Baker, founder of Itty Bitty Kitty City in Missouri, shares the story of one special rescue. The registered nurse who started a neo-natal kitten unit received word of an injured kitten needing help.

Laura had no idea this kitten’s story would greatly impact not only her life but the lives of thousands of others.

Injured kitten sparks change

In February 2021, an orange tabby kitten got stuck in the packaging of a Munchkin Any Angle cup. Unable to get the packaging unstuck from its body, the kitten grew, and the packaging began to dig into its side.

Laura was contacted by a girl in Ellington, Missouri. A kitten had something plastic stuck to him and could not remove it.

Fortunately, Laura found her way to see the cat, cut the plastic packaging off the animal, and took it to the vet. Seeing the company branding on the packaging, she emailed the Munchkin company about the injured kitten.

She wanted to make the company aware of how their packaging impacted the injured kitten. The company responded, donated to the Itty Bitty Kitty City organization, and paid for the orange tabby’s surgery. 

Taking ownership

Munchkin is the number one company in making innovative products designed for kids to make parents’ lives easier. Chief Brand Officer and Creative Director, Diana Barnes, recounts receiving Laura’s touching letter.

As a pet parent of two cats and an advocate herself, it was “soul-crushing” to learn that the packaging had that devastating impact on a kitten. No company wants its product to have a negative impact on animals.

The company decided to do something about it. Diana and her team took on the task of redesigning their cup packaging to make it safer.

torn plastic Munchkin packaging
Old Munchkin plastic packaging removed from the injured kitten. Pic Credit:@munchkin/YouTube

Rebranding and redesign

After a year of rebranding and design, the Munchkin company produced a revamped design packaging over 500 cup SKUs. The company made adjustments in a few areas for improved safety.

The packaging is now free of plastic and made of corrugated liner board. The materials are made of 60-70% recycled materials, and the package is fully compostable and recyclable.

In the event an animal gets trapped, the package is easily broken. When water is in contact with the material, it breaks down. 

The company also made a conscious effort to reduce paper waste. Instead of printing paper instructions for each cup product, the company imprinted QR codes on their cup packaging.

All of these changes not only benefit animals but help planet Earth. The company has reduced its plastic usage by 643,630 lbs annually.

munchkin cup design
Munchkin redesigns its products for improved safety and is environmentally friendly. Pic Credit:@munchkin/YouTube

Wrap up

Receiving a letter from a concerned citizen regarding the rescue of an injured kitten stuck in plastic packaging inspired a company to take accountability and make a difference.

Munchkin’s decision to take ownership of their part and respond with such grace is remarkable. In honor of their donation and efforts, Laura named the formerly trapped kitten Munchkin and is so grateful.

orange and white cat
Munchkin, the formerly injured tabby cat, has healed and is happy. Pic Credit:@munchkin/YouTube

You can learn more about the Itty Bitty Kitty City rescue on Facebook. Read more about the Munchkin company’s animal welfare initiatives by visiting the website.

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