injured cat post surgery

An injured kitten inspired this company to change its product design and make a difference in the lives of animals

In a touching video post on YouTube, Laura Baker, founder of Itty Bitty Kitty City in Missouri, shares the story of one special rescue. The registered nurse who started a neo-natal kitten unit received word of an injured kitten needing help. Laura had no idea this kitten’s story would greatly impact not only her life … Read more

Community helps student pay for cat surgery

A student can’t afford her cat’s surgery, but she gets unexpected help

A young student had an injured cat who needed costly treatment. The pet owner was desperate to treat her ailing companion, but the cat surgery would cost thousands of dollars. In short, the clinic was asking for money she didn’t have. However, when they heard about her plight, a slew of individuals, including a veterinarian, … Read more