This loveable cat and dog duo became inseparable from the moment they met

A random stroll one autumn day would become a life-changing moment for one woman and her dog

Kitten rescue

In the autumn of 2019, a woman named Morgan was walking on her farm property with her dog Paxton (aka Pax) when they heard a kitten’s meows. The pair found a newborn kitten in a tree stump log. 

The mother cat could not be found nearby. So, after a few hours, Morgan took the young newborn kitten back home. 

The kitten’s size was so tiny she could fit in her new mother’s pajama front pocket. Hence, the adorable cat received the name Polly – like the toy Polly Pocket.

Welcome home

The dirty kitten received a bath, and fleas were removed from her fur coat. Her senior dog Pax was nearby and could hear the kitten’s meows and came to check on her.

Right away, the dog was captivated by the kitten. He began caring for her like a big brother looking after a younger sister. 

Seeing how her new big brother comforted her with his big warm body, she nuzzled up close beside him and fell asleep. 

The cat and dog duo became inseparable from that moment forward.

Twin flames

Morgan bottle-fed Polly until she was ready to be weaned from the bottle. At feeding times, Pax would often wait for his sister Polly as she chomped on her meal. 

As soon as she got finished with her food, he would perform his big-brother duties and help get her clean. 

Polly shadowed her big brother and best friend Pax everywhere around the house. Together they play with the same toys, take naps and share snuggle sessions. 

Final update

Since that random autumn day in 2019, this odd couple had been inseparable. Polly, the farm cat, and Pax, the senior dog, grew to be the best of friends and shadow each other. 

Polly has grown up, and Pax never missed a beat, remaining by her side in the process. Although they were opposites, they were twin flames until the end.

With a saddened heart, Morgan posted an update that Pax, the senior dog, crossed over to Rainbow Bridge this year. There is no doubt his life and memory continue to live on.

You can follow Polly and relive her memories with Pax on Instagram. 

What did you think of this inseparable duo? Does your pet share a best friend too?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Don’t forget to share this extraordinary story with a friend to make them smile.

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