This cat reunites with its family after an animal rescue uses a microchip scanner and social media to locate its owner

A family reunited with its missing cat after six years thanks to the clever efforts of a rescue group using a microchip scanner and social media to track down its owner.

In a Facebook post last week, the animal charity and rescue group Hector’s House Cat Rescue (posting as Hector’s House Residents) posted a video showing the reunification of a cat named Jimi with its owner Joanna.


Six years ago in August 2016, his owner Joanna had asked a friend to look after her two cats while moving in another town. Jimi escaped through a window. 

Joanna and her husband Nik looked for the lost cat without success and were heartbroken. Time passed, and they moved away to live in Bixham with their three young children. 

Their second cat Frankie passed away, and they recently got a kitten.

Lost then found

Last week, Hector’s House Cat Rescue received a report of a stray cat. The person who reported the stray cat noticed it on her security camera.

The cat would regularly sleep on the doormat. Volunteers from the charity went to the house and saw the animal.

The volunteers used a humane trap to catch the cat.

Fortunately, the charity scans all cats that come into its care. The black cat that entered the charity had a microchip. 

After checking the database, the cat had been flagged as missing, and the owner’s contact details were outdated. The charity posted an appeal on Facebook to find the owner.


The animal rescue’s efforts paid off when Joanna heard about Jimi and contacted the charity. She reunited with her cat Jimi at the charity’s headquarters in Torquay.

The black beauty appeared guarded at first; however, it only took a few minutes before he let his guard down. 

As you can see in the video post, Joanna cautiously and patiently approaches Jimi sitting high in his padded cat tree. Seeing her beloved cat floods mother Joanna with many precious memories. 

She remarks he appears just the same as when she lost him six years ago. Speaking to him ever so softly, she recounts how he lived with her during her pregnancy. 

Gently petting Jimi and stroking his neck, the cat begins to respond lovingly by leaning into her hand. The familiar behavior jogs his memory just as he used to do, and the handsome boy begins to let his guard down.

Returning home

After six years apart, Joanna has begun to reintroduce Jimi to the rest of her household slowly. Jimi is adjusting well.

He’s learning to adapt to a household with children. In a post update on Facebook, Hector’s House shared Jimi’s progress.

He lets the children pet him and has received plenty of cuddles. Jimi also enjoys sitting in the window watching the cars drive by outside.

Hector’s House Cat Rescue shared a value lesson stating,

“We really hope this shows you how important it is to microchip your cats, and that this gives hope to anyone out there who is missing their own cat.”

You can learn more about microchipping pets by visiting the ASPCA website. Did this inspiring story resonate with you?

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