Extra upright standing chonky cat gets a brother just like him

No one was thought to be as extra as an upright chonky cat named Bruno. Until his family adopted a cat that’s basically his stunt double.

Bruno was 7-years-old and 25 lbs. when he became a social media superstar. The internet fell in love with him for his adorably plump frame that he would balance on his back two legs.

As Wright-Way Rescue of Morton Grove, Illinois wrote in their adoption ad, Bruno was “too cool to be homeless.” Not only did Bruno have extra weight, but he also is a polydactyl with extra fingers.

Bruno the extra diva

And those aren’t the only “extra” things about Bruno. The Russian Blue cat ONLY likes feather toy wands. He requires pets while he is eating. But only pets on the sides of his face and neck.

Don’t go anywhere near his belly! He does not drink the water near his food bowl. Only the water in a different room.

He also likes to sleep at the foot of his human’s bed. And he talks A LOT. Bruno also has a bit of a “grumpy” demeanor or “tough exterior.”

But it’s combined with “the most sensitive, complex, and intelligent heart.” So, we just chalk it up to Bruno being a diva.

“Overall, I am a pretty laid back, lazy cat who just wants to be in the presence of my owners. I hear I make them laugh and smile every single day,” Bruno said in his adoption video.

Bruno was eventually adopted into the home of his dreams by the Bartletts. They were selected out of thousands of applicants who wanted to give Bruno a home.

“It’s been 4 years since we adopted Bruno from Wright Way Rescue, and I still get emotional thinking about the night we brought him home, not to mention the immeasurable joy he’s brought to our lives ever since! It’s true what they say about rescue pets – they’re really the ones that rescue us,” Lauren Bartlett wrote on Bruno’s Facebook page.

Two chonks are better than one

It was believed that no one could match Bruno’s uniqueness. Until one of Bruno’s Facebook followers sent Lauren an adoption ad for a round-eyed, grey, upright standing, chubby cat named Carlo.

And Carlo looked EXACTLY like Bruno. Lauren and her husband hopped on a plane to Las Vegas the next day to adopt Carlo and brought Bruno along too.

Now they are best friends. Bruno and Carlo have even lost weight together.

“Adopting these two loafs were the best decisions we ever made!” Lauren said.

You can follow Bruno and Carlo on their adventures on Facebook here.

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