Blind and deaf cat refuses to be rescued and prefers to live as a ‘store cat’

Dumpster is a cat that is blind, hard of hearing, and doesn’t want anyone’s help. He’s a store cat. That’s the way he likes it.

And Dumpster plans on keeping it that way. Jada Hamby was very concerned about the kitten that showed up behind her store one day.

Not only was the cat blind, but it also couldn’t hear well. She reached out to some rescue organizations to see if they could help out the little kitty.


Though they showed up on several occasions, they were never able to trap the cat.

This kitty was highly intelligent and wary of all their tricks to try and capture him.

He just wanted to be a store cat and wasn’t interested in what others thought was best for him. So, Hamby named the cat Dumpster and let him go about his business being a store cat.

“[He’s] familiar with the area, and as you can imagine, that’s very important to a blind cat,” Hamby told The Dodo.

Rescuers also agreed that even if they were able to trap Dumpster, it would be best to neuter him and then return him back to his spot behind the store.

Hamby was able to get a vet to stop by and make sure that Dumpster was in good health. Hamby was given some medicine for ringworm to mix in with Dumpster’s food.

Other than that, Dumpster was found to be in good health. Now Hamby and her employees just leave food out for him and make sure he’s doing well.

“He loves lounging in the sun on top of our boxes and has shelter from the rain,” Hamby said. “He greets us every morning meowing and demanding his breakfast! He’s a very vocal cat and loves to have conversations with us.”

Still a store cat

While Dumpster likes being a chatterbox, he’s not totally comfortable with physical affection. But one of Hamby’s employees was able to get a pet in.

“We aren’t sure whether it was a consensual petting or if our warehouse guy was just able to be extra sneaky, but we’re counting it as a win either way,” Hamby said.

Dumpster has gone from being a tiny kitten to a grown-up cat. Despite being blind, mostly deaf, and living outdoors, Dumpster is doing fine. In fact, he’s thriving.

And if that ever changes, Dumpster always has the option of being an indoor cat. Now that everyone knows how chatty he is, he’ll just let his humans know if he ever decides to change his mind.

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