A talented 8-year-old girl crafts bracelets to benefit a cat shelter and raises $521 in one week

Brenna Edwards’s mother is a volunteer at an animal shelter; thus, the girl has spent her whole life among cats. Cats’ plight is an issue dear to her heart, and Breanna feels compelled to help them.

For this reason, the clever eight-year-old girl has set up a laudable enterprise whose profits facilitate the placement of animals in loving, permanent homes.

Brenna Edwards was born in Louisiana, and she and her parents reside in Monroe. At home, Brenna has three feline companions: Bubbles, Callie, and Nelson.

Her mother, Lauren Edwards, is a regular foster parent and an active member of the Carolina Sanctuary and Rescue organization.

Consequently, Brenna has spent her whole life in a home with cats, and despite her early age, she is aware of the problematic conditions required to care for some species.

The student recently learned a new useful hobby from a relative:  the art of making costume jewelry. Brenna’s level of involvement in this endeavor rose with time.

 She has been fashioning necklaces and bracelets out of clay beads and metal charms (often representing cats).

A business owner who raises money for a cat shelter

Inspired by her cousin, the young jeweler decided to launch her own bracelet business. In Louisiana, individuals of any age are permitted, under the law, to create a business.

On her Facebook page, Brenna offers handmade bracelets for three dollars each.

On top of seriously increasing her savings, Brenna’s hustle benefits her other interest, animal welfare. The savvy girl donates one-third of her profits to the Carolina Sanctuary and Rescue organization.

When she entered the handmade jewelry business, Brenna had not anticipated the success her products would get. She began receiving requests for her services initially from locations all around the state of Louisiana.

Later, orders came from nearby states such as New Hampshire and Virginia, as well as all across North Carolina. Brenna’s mother explained to the Salisbury Post.

” She was jumping up and down when she received all those orders, especially the one from New Hampshire.”

Breanna’s parents lent their support to their hard-working daughter’s endeavor. They think she’s acquiring useful life skills while learning the importance of giving back.

The couple posted about her bracelets on the shelter’s adoption and rescue pages. Others subsequently shared these posts.

The girl’s initiative earned a cheering response; hence, she got many orders. Selling hundreds of bracelets, Brenna successfully raised an impressive 521 dollars for the shelter in just one week.

Her generous contribution will help reduce adoption fees, making it much simpler for cats to find homes. Still, Brenna isn’t stopping there.

The little girl has started making more models to prepare for her performance at the Fairview Fall Festival in Monroe on October 6, 2022. A true mogul in the making.

Take a look at her work on her Facebook account

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