Shelter takes in mom and kittens dumped in their driveway despite being at capacity

Despite being at full capacity, a shelter took in a mom and her kittens that were left in a crate in their driveway at 4 p.m.

The man who left the kittens was seen on camera hiding until shelter staff was out of sight.

He either couldn’t have been bothered to talk to the staff and bring them inside or must have felt that he would have been denied. The shelter was already at capacity, and the staffers were overwhelmed.

Dumped in the driveway

Dave Budd, deputy manager of the RSPCA’s Coventry Animal Centre, told The Dodo that both their cattery and fosters spaces were full. Still, shelter staff took in the female cat and her kittens that were inside the carrier.

One of the shelter’s experienced staff members agreed to look after the family on a Saturday night. The entire family was suffering from a flea infestation.

A vet was consulted by the staff, but unfortunately one of the kittens unexpectedly passed away leaving the mother cat, Trinity, with two kittens, Madison and Navey.

“We will work with people in all situations but we cannot create spaces, we are suffering the same pressures every other rescue in the country is facing. Please speak to us if you are in need and we will try our best to assist you,” the shelter’s Facebook page read.

Trinity was found to be very skinny for her age. But after being given some TLC, she was eating better and became affectionate with shelter staff.

Budd said it appeared that the mama cat was very grateful that she and her kittens were safe and being cared for.

“She adores her kittens and rarely lets them roam far from her. The 2 kittens (Madison and Navey) are doing well, they are still occasionally feeding from mum but love wet kitten food mixed with lactol (kitten milk). They are still nervous of people but are coming round slowly,” the RSPCA wrote on their Facebook page.

Support for the support

The RSPCA Coventry Animal Centre had an outpouring of support regarding Trinity and her two kittens. As well as for all the other work they do while facing stressful circumstances.

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported us via donations, offers of foster places and people who have defended us on social media. We could not continue to do the vital work that we do without so much support and it means so much to all of us, and all of the animals in our care,” they wrote on Facebook.

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